Dive into your creative side while you unwind at Gallery Grow’s Happy Hour Workshops

As summer ends in Lancaster City, Gallery Grow has a lineup of Happy Hour Workshops that will help you usher in the new season and bring home something beautiful.

Born out of a love for growing houseplants and succulents in fun new ways, Gallery Grow is a creative space on North Prince Street’s Gallery Row, where your love of nature and all things green can flourish year-round. As summer ends in Lancaster City, Gallery Grow has a lineup of Happy Hour Workshops that will help you usher in the new season and bring home something beautiful. Gallery Grow co-owner Kendra Pepe is sharing what makes their Happy Hour Workshops an outing worth adding to your weekday calendar.

What is a Happy Hour Workshop?

A Happy Hour Workshop is an intimate class, scheduled weekdays after our regular business hours at our 150 North Prince Street location. Classes run approximately one hour and offer specialty workshops and instruction. Class size is small with a maximum of 12 people.

We call them Happy Hour Workshops because we want them to be an alternative way to wind down at the end of your day, relax, and socialize—and because we hold them from 5:30-6:30PM, when people typically are looking for a Happy Hour.

Why do we do Happy Hour Workshops?

All our Happy Hour Workshop projects are curated from our passion to grow houseplants, air plants, or succulents in unique and creative ways and to share our knowledge and passion for growing and creating with our customers.
These are projects we are passionate about and educated in, but don’t have the capacity to teach our customers during our regular hours. The projects require more instruction, different materials, or include more education than a regular terrarium.

Who are Happy Hour Workshops for?

Everyone! We believe at Gallery Grow that anyone can participate and benefit from the joy of growing and creating. Whether you are new to houseplants or are just curious to learn more, we’re here for you. You can attend a Happy Hour Workshop and walk away with a unique project that was designed by you. Most of our Happy Hour Workshops will contain a creative element so you can express yourself through your project.

What can I expect to do at a Happy Hour Workshop?

The format is simple, casual, and fun! Oh, and did we mention you can BYOB? (Although we do not recommend food, as working space is limited and soil and food typically don’t mix well.)

  • Instructions: We’ll give step by step instructions on how to create your project.
  • Creative Design: We’ll help as much or little as needed while you design.
  • Education: We’ll give you care instructions to care for your project, so you can enjoy success while caring for your project at home.

How do I sign up for a Happy Hour Workshop?

Attendees can sign up for our Happy Hour Workshops via Eventbrite. Our listings are posted on our website as well as social media channels.

We have a great lineup of fall and winter workshops, and we frequently repeat some of these favorites throughout our Happy Hour season from September to March:

  • Kokedama: This is a Japanese translation meaning “Moss Ball.”
  • Epiphyte Wall Mounts: Epiphytic plants grow in the absence of soil and can be mounted on boards or bark. Most commonly, we use staghorn ferns.
  • Carnivorous Plants: We particularly like to do this workshop around Halloween.
  • Specialty Macrame

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