Eliance Health Solutions: Reshaping What Employer Healthcare Coverage Looks Like at a Local Level

Imagine how powerful it would be if your wellness plan and your health plan worked together to invest in you? They can with Eliance Health Solutions!

Imagine how powerful it would be if your wellness plan and your health plan worked together to invest in you? They can with Eliance Health Solutions!

Sometimes with the busy reality of life, it can be hard to determine how to invest in yourself. We can all take steps in our daily lives to reduce the risk of illnesses or conditions developing later in life. Whether it’s only having the occasional glass of red wine (for the antioxidants), a salad instead of a cheeseburger, or prioritizing a consistent exercise routine, there are several recommended activities that promote a healthy mind, body, and life. What if your health plan provider genuinely cared about your physical and mental well-being as well and provided resources to help keep your future healthcare costs to a minimum?

Eliance Health Solutions, a health plan backed by Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, is looking beyond the traditional scope of health plans by helping local employers build on-site Wellness programs to improve the overall health of their employees. By including population health initiatives and Wellness programs, Eliance is working to help mitigate the potential for future health concerns of employees while simultaneously reducing costs for employers and employees alike.

Working to educate and inform employees on health risks and incorporating wellness into daily life, Eliance provides a service that extends far beyond traditional health insurance coverage. “We work with employers to evaluate current interests and needs, and implement programs that are meaningful and support each unique population. Whether it’s onsite screenings, competitive team challenges, interactive workshops, specialized health coaching, or 1:1 clinical support through our nurse navigation program, our goal is to meet the employer and their employees where they are. We work to educate and empower employers and employees to make healthy changes and receive preventive care, and maintain a healthier workforce, physically, mentally and emotionally, today and in the future,” said Manager of Corporate Health, Brynn Kline. “The collaboration between an employer, a health plan and a Wellness program creates a powerful and unique opportunity.  We are creating a culture where employees feel valued and are motivated to adopt healthy behaviors in a personalized way, while accomplishing real results, both short-term and long-term, that are sustainable and impactful to all parties involved.  It’s exciting!” Kline said. Eliance takes a hyper-local approach towards understanding what services to provide and recommendations to make for long-term healthy living.

Eliance’s Medical Director, Dr. Thomas Overholt, also expressed the significance of Eliance’s innovation in health coverage. “We’re entering into a new concept that is beyond traditional wellness – we’re saying that we can bring primary care aspects to employers and employees directly by incorporating medical professionals who can help individuals.” For employees who opt-in, Eliance creates specific wellness initiatives that work to combat potential medical conditions and illnesses later in life, based upon an individual’s medical history, risk factors, and hereditary conditions. “What we’re doing is connecting a health plan with a Wellness program which is an opportunity for maintaining health management with an increased focus on individual people.”

Are you ready for a health plan that invests in you? For an overview of Eliance’s health plan offerings for Lancaster employers, please visit www.eliancehealthsolutions.org/healthplan or call 717-869-3877.

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