EpitomeFit: A tailored approach to fitness

Specializing in "Fitness over 40," EpitomeFit gives clients of all ages the confidence to achieve their goals.

When you walk into EpitomeFit, you’re greeted with enough energy to carry you through whatever workout is thrown your way. With speakers pumping upbeat music and encouragement from coaches keeping your head in the game, EpitomeFit is not just a space to exercise your body, it’s a space that gives clients of all ages the confidence to tackle their workouts and achieve their goals.

“I was working out at a large scale gym when my wife suggested this,” EpitomeFit member Bill said.

He loves owner and coach Neo’s overall philosophy of functional workouts that combine strength training with the body’s natural movement. Bill is pleased to see results that are positively impacting his health and even making it possible for him to go back to the hobbies he loves.

“I started getting back into golf,” Bill said. “Previously, if I would do a couple days of golf, I’d have back pain or leg pain. It’s all gone away.”

With their specialization in “fitness over 40,” EpitomeFit is empowering members like Bill to take charge of their health. Members of any age will see the difference, as their team pairs workout plans with nutrition and lifestyle coaching that emphasizes and prioritizes overall wellness.

As of March 2023, EpitomeFit celebrates one year at their Liberty Place facility, and it’s been a year of growth and expansion, which was achieved through the same consistency Coach Neo encourages his clients to tap in to. Since opening, the wellness center has hired three coaches who are dedicated to the success of EpitomeFit’s members. With a tailored approach to fitness, EpitomeFit helps people take their next step to better health.

“We’re the best gym in the world. You know why? Because of our members.” – Neo Cortex, Health Coach

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