Fancy To Funky – These Frames Showcase All Memories

If it's worth remembering, it's worth framing!

If it’s worth remembering, it’s worth framing! 

That’s the slogan from the team at The Framery (located at 1912 Fruitville Pike), a group of professionals who specialize in creating custom frames for all your memories—from art and objects, to t-shirts and collectibles.

Explore more ideas on what to frame below and discover this unique gem!

Not Just Art: Ideas For Your Next Framing Project

First and foremost: frames are all about showcasing your fondest memories. And those aren’t just photos and art!

“While we love to frame artwork and photographs, there are so many other items that we can put in a frame,” said Sherry Bowman, Co-Owner of The Framery. “I think it’s so important to personalize your space, whether it’s a tiny apartment, a big house, or an office space, you should be surrounding yourself with things that are a reflection of you.”

Memories come in all shapes, sizes, widths, depths, and colors. It’s a perfect opportunity to uplift what is special to you while making your space your own.

“Your space tells a story about who you are,” added Sherry. ” Sometimes I think people get stuck when it comes to empty wall space, because they may not be art savvy, or they’re worried about bringing something into the room that may not match the space. But if something speaks to them, it will work!”

Some ideas from The Framery on special projects:

  • For The Foodies:
    • Framed restaurant menus, cocktail napkins, and coasters from your favorite eateries
  • For The Bookworms:
    • Covers, pages, or an entire book of a favorite literary work or novel can be framed
  • For The Music Lovers:
    • Framed concert tickets, albums, posters, and other music merchandise makes for a great showcase
  • For The Sports Fanatic:
    • Choose to frame jerseys, signed sports memorabilia, game tickets, special photos, or autographs
  • For The Traveler:
    • Maps, souvenirs, money, plane tickets, seashells, dried flowers, and more, make the perfect wanderlust tribute
  • For The Collector:
    • Frame your coins, stamp collection, ticket stubs, or any other collection, to make it a true work of art

“Framed objects also make great gifts, because you are handing someone a memory,” said Sherry. “It could be a love letter, keys from your first house, Dad’s belt buckles, an aunt’s old costume jewelry, Grandma’s best cookie recipe, vintage tea towels, or baby clothes.”

The options really are endless. Bryan, Sherry’s husband and co-owner of The Framery, frames a dollar bill signed by each artist he seeks in concert—a special token that is unique and special to his memories of the musical events.

As the holiday season approaches, framing objects, photographs, art, collections, or other tokens, make amazing gifts with meaning for everyone on your list.

LEFT: Frame selections of different types line the shop. RIGHT: Bryan's epic autographed dollar collection.

Frames in process of being crafted and created!

All Things Framed In Lancaster, Since ’75

“Our motto here has always been if it’s worth remembering, it’s worth framing,” said Sherry. “That’s what makes this job is so fun. People trust us with their precious objects, and we get to help tell the story of that object, and more importantly, protect and preserve it for a lifetime.”

The skilled artistry at The Framery sets it apart. The experienced employees who specialize in framing work ensure each project is intentional, authentic, and has the customer always at the focus.

“It’s so important to use a frame shop that you can trust,” added Sherry. “Everyone who works here has a degree in art, and we are all part of the process of completing the work, so whoever takes your order is there to see it through completely. We don’t send anything out to a warehouse, it’s all done here.”

The Framery has been part of the Lancaster community since 1975, offering professional custom framing to a variety of generations. When original owners John Hanna and Bev Zimmerman were ready to retire, long-time employees Sherry and Bryan were excited to continue the successful traditions. Being fine artists themselves, Bryan and Sherry are really looking forward to further connection their business to the Lancaster art scene and other small businesses—whether is working with artists to frame their work, or collaborating on events that celebrate the thriving arts and culture scene. 

“It’s so exciting to be a small business owner right now in Lancaster,” said Sherry. ” The dedication to small business, handcrafted, and artisan products is inspiring, and our community of local artists is amazing.”

For prompt, specialized, custom framing check out The Framery. Visit their website for more information and to learn how you can also frame your memories!

The Framery also offers dry mounting, canvas stretching, needle work stretching, shadowboxes, shrink wrapping, as well as unique greeting cards and gifts perfect for the holiday season. 

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