Fig’s Favorite Finds at Lancaster Central Market

The Fig Lancaster team shares their Central Market favorites.

Fig loves the Lancaster Central Market!

Central Market is spotlighting various local stories from different people in the community (check them out here on their website!). Because of this, we at Fig Lancaster wanted to share some of our favorite Central Market finds. We took a team trip to Market one Friday afternoon and explored!

Since 1730, there have been thousands and thousands of lives impacted by this beautiful old world market downtown—from chefs and standholders, to local shoppers and visiting tourists. More than 60 local vendors call the beautiful 1889 Market House home three days each week, when it opens its doors to welcome the surrounding community.

Shopping local is important for a community to thrive. We at Fig love to support the local farmers and businesses represented at the oldest farmers’ market in the country.

Check out the favorite finds from the Fig team below!

Melissa – Fig Designer

“Lancaster Salad Company is a must-visit on market days for me,” said Melissa. “Everything is super fresh and there’s a lot more variety than making a salad on my own at home. It’s a tasty way to make sure I’m getting a healthy lunch. The pretzel bread is an added treat!”

Melissa’s Pick: Fresh made-to-order salad from the Lancaster Salad Company (also serving soups)

Josh – Fig Designer

“Wendy Jo’s raspberry crumb bars are the perfect amount of sweet and tart,” said Josh. “I’m not a big ‘sweets’ person, so I always go for anything that has fruit in it. The lemon bars are also great.”

Josh’s Pick: Raspberry Crumb Bars from Wendy Jo’s (also featuring cookies, pies, and other baked goods)

Karlo – Fig Photographer

“My wife loves fresh flowers and it’s a staple in my weekly shopping at Central Market,” said Karlo. “I often look for Birds of Paradise, a flower we had at our wedding, at Rohrer Family Farms Flower stand just because it’s a nice gift and always brings a smile to her face.”

Karlo’s Pick: Flowers from Rohrer Family Farms Flowers 

Kelly – Fig Client Relationship Manager

“The soft pretzels are perfect from Kom-Essa,” said Kelly. “Slightly chewy with just enough butter and salt, and a good size for an afternoon snack. And don’t forget the cheese dipping sauce!”

Kelly’s Pick: Soft Pretzel from Kom-Essa (also featuring sandwiches and hot dogs)

Ian – Fig Designer

“I love that we have draft nitro coffee right in town,” said Ian. “The smoothness is unsurpassed by any other type of coffee. And the fact that you can have a half and half latte and cold brew is the perfect afternoon treat.”

Ian’s Pick: The Black and Tan from Lancaster County Coffee Roasters (also featuring other coffee drinks)

Regina – Fig Studio Assistant

“My favorite find at Lancaster Central Market is tucked back in the corner at Zig’s Bakery,” said Regina. “It always reminds me of home—since I grew up in the Lititz area, my mom would often bring me treats from Zig’s while I was away at college in NYC. The simplicity of this cupcake is what I love about it; it’s small, flavorful, and the perfect amount of savory and sweet. You can guarantee its made with love from fresh, local ingredients—and served with a smile!”

Regina’s Pick: Carrot Cake Cupcake from Zig’s Bakery & Cafe (also featuring other desserts and baked goods)

Meg – Fig Designer

“Every Friday I treat myself to local, field cut flowers for my apartment,” said Meg. “My go-to choices from Inspirational Blossoms are their silver dollar bundles mixed with baby’s breath and local wildflowers. Try hanging the eucalyptus in your shower for the steamy essential oils, I love it!”

Meg’s Pick: A Wildflower Mix at Inspirational Blossoms 

Tony – Fig Digital Content Manager

“I love the grilled cheese from Lancaster Farmhouse,” said Tony. “On our trip, I had the Mushroom Fondue grilled cheese—featuring fontina, gruyere, red pepper flakes, mushrooms, and truffle oil all on sourdough bread. The balance of flavors was unmatched. If that flavor isn’t your cup of tea, there are others—like the Southwestern or the Berry & Bacon. While you’re there, pick up some of their creamy goat cheese or chipotle cheddar.”

Tony’s Pick: Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Lancaster Farmhouse (also featuring assorted cheeses and meats)

Sam – Fig Social Strategist

“The biscotti from Amish Family Recipes is amazing! It’s the closest thing I can get to the homemade biscotti my mom made growing up.”

Sam’s Pick: Cappuccino Biscotti from Amish Family Recipes (also featuring stroopies, jams, popcorn, and snacks)

Erin – Fig Creative Project Manager

“The way to my heart is through beverages! At any given time I have up to 4 different cups on my desk,” said Erin. “My very favorite beverage is an ice cold black tea, and the tea from Tea Bar is my favorite. Feel free to bring one by the studio any time!”

Erin’s Pick: The Iced Black Tea from Tea Bar (also featuring lemonades and other beverages)

Matt – Fig Chief Growth Strategist

“When I was a kid—this is a very, very, very long time ago—my mom and I went to Weaver’s once a week at their East Pete location and I always got three or four red beet eggs,” said Matt. “Of course, they never made it all the way home. To this day, they bring back great memories of my mom every time I have them.”

Matt’s Pick: Red Beet Eggs from S. Clyde Weavers (also featuring cheeses, meats, and sandwiches)

Deb – Fig Creative Director & Owner

“The Turkey Lady has great turkey, but also has the best chicken salad,” said Deb. “It’s served on a Ric’s pretzel roll. And at Harvest Breakfast, my tradition is the turkey sausage sandwich with grilled peppers. It’s the perfect start to fall! Even more than the food, the team is always smiling and has kind words for everyone. That’s why shopping at market and keeping it local is the only way to go.”

Deb’s Pick: Chicken Salad Sandwich from The Turkey Lady (also featuring butcher meats, cheeses, and sides)

We’ve shared our favorites, now go and explore Market to find your own! Having such an incredible assortment of local organizations represented in the heart of Lancaster City is a beautiful, unique, and impactful community experience.

“It’s so important to uplift and encourage local shopping,” said Elyse Pollak, Manager of Communications at Central Market Trust “Especially for a place like Market—whose motto since 1730 has been sustainability, shopping locally—from producer to consumer, repeat. Shopping locally is the ultimate celebration of sustainability.”

What’s your favorite Market find?

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