Fresh Face: I:Train Studios

Wayne’s experiences in Lancaster helped further his dream of not only becoming a certified personal trainer, but also the concept and eventual creation of I:Train Studios.

Fresh Face

Not everyone can say that they emigrated from Zimbabwe to the United States with aspirations of becoming a personal trainer, but Wayne Mutata certainly can.

You could argue that Wayne’s life path has never been about sitting still. His journey to Lancaster, all 7,603 miles of it, is undoubtedly a testament to that. It was “a very long journey,” he says. “I had the benefit of already knowing a host family through the Rotary Club of Lancaster. Having attended both Hempfield and Manheim Township High Schools while with my host families, I had already fallen in love with Lancaster County.”

Wayne’s experiences in Lancaster helped further his dream of not only becoming a certified personal trainer, but also the concept and eventual creation of I:Train Studios on 315 West James Street. “In creating I:Train Studios, my influences came from working at Willow Valley Communities, McMillan Training Systems, and LA Fitness. I realized there was a need for a one-stop-shop for health and wellness. Each of the above have their positives and negatives, but it is ultimately the positives that I:Train Studios is built upon.”

Wayne cites I:Train’s welcoming atmosphere as one of those positives. “A gym can very often be a place that feels unwelcoming and intimidating,” he says. “We pride ourselves that everyone can feel at home with us.” While there is no doubt that Wayne’s experience with I:Train Studios has been rewarding, he is keenly aware of the challenges that often accompany success.

“The biggest challenge is competition, staying ahead of them and remaining innovative. The aforementioned have shaped my business in a positive way because there is no chance to remain complacent or underdeliver on results. Because in this business, results matter.”

And in staying ahead of that curve, I:Train will soon be opening a second studio space at the new 101NQ building on the corner of Queen and Orange Streets, a convenient location for city residents and professionals looking to enhance their lifestyles. Expanding its footprint even further, I:Train Studios plans to add to its service offering with Corporate Health and Wellness initiatives early in 2020.

With Wayne and his team, prospective clients can expect fervently energetic individuals with contagious smiles. Wayne’s daily routine can best be described as atypical. His day begins around 3:30 am, at which time he wakes up to welcome the day with 100 push-ups, followed by training sessions into the late morning and afternoon hours.

But if you think Wayne’s day ends early, think again: “I then work on training programs for various clients, meet with staff about maximizing our client experience, studio or office needs, and upcoming events. Depending on the day, I may go back in to train in the late afternoon and evening to meet with existing or potential new clients.”

When asked what he would want I:Train Studios’ lasting legacy to be, Wayne expects it “to be the place that… regardless of where you are in your fitness and health journey, you are always welcome—regardless of race, gender, age, or any personal belief or conviction. Period.”

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