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On the cutting edge of science, health and wellness, there’s a new option for feeling, looking, performing, and living better in Lancaster—and it’s accessible to everyone. Restore Hyper Wellness and Cryotherapy offers some cool new ‘tools’ for the living well tool kit that owners Michele and Andy Ayers promise will have you feeling better when you walk out then you did when you came through their doors.

With cutting edge technology and facilities that were once reserved for athletes and wealthy wellness enthusiasts, Michele and Andy are excited to make the wellness benefits of cryotherapy accessible to everyone.

The science behind this wellness practice capitalizes on the body’s response to cold. The response of super-oxygenated and nutritionally rich blood flow through the body is believed to reduce inflammation, encourage healing, boost collagen and endorphins, reduce pain, and boost energy.

Professional athletes and patients suffering from chronic pain have long been reaping the benefits of Cryotherapy, but now through Restore, Michele and Andy are able to offer the same benefits in an affordable, accessible, and fun (not to mention COOL) package. “We want to be a part of helping people feel and live better. When you walk in the door with pain, we know we can find ways to make you feel better and that’s really rewarding to us”, they say.

Restore offers a variety of options for the diverse needs of their guests including whole body cryotherapy, IV Drip Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Compression Therapy, Facial and Local Cryotherapy, and Infrared Sauna Chromotherapy. They’re excited to offer discounts to high school athletes and first responders, and to bring cutting edge therapy and wellness options to Lancaster.

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