Fresh Face: Vine Bar

Vine Bar—which opened in October 2023—is the result of dreams to bring natural wines to Lancaster paired with the valuable relationships formed with the winemakers from whom they now stock their shelves.

Fresh Face

As a child, Justina Latura remembers her family valuing how the food they ate was produced and where it came from. With this awareness engrained in her, Justina pursued a career in healthcare, first as a nurse in the emergency room and clinical herbalist, then eventually helping to develop wellness programming at Lemon Street Market. There, Justina discovered the world of natural wine—a drink that is made without pesticides or additives. Reminiscent of the intention that defined her childhood, she was captivated.

Justina’s partner, Craig, is Italian, and has relatives who still live in Italy. Drawing on these family connections, Justina and Craig traveled to the country, exploring vineyards, tasting wine, building relationships with winemakers, and began to dream of what opening a natural wine bar back in Lancaster could look like. Vine Bar—which opened in October 2023—is the result of those dreams paired with the valuable relationships they formed with the winemakers from whom they now stock their shelves.

“The business relationships we’ve formed happen over eating together, drinking together, walking through the vineyards, sharing stories, talking about our lives, and getting to know each other,” Justina said. “It’s almost as if we have opened an extension of their wineries in Italy. We really try our best to tell their stories.”

Every bottle on the shelves at Vine Bar is available by the glass. Justina and Bailey Place, Wine Ambassador, walk guests through the menu, guiding them through the stories each bottle represents. In hopes of building a community around wine, Vine Bar hosts a complimentary wine tasting every Wednesday at 1PM, where guests gather to sample a single wine and dive deep into the winemaker, varietal, and region.

“Wine can be very intimidating for people, and we wanted to create a really approachable, comfortable space where everyone can come and feel at home and at ease,” Justina shared. Explore the world of natural wine at Vine Bar, and stock up on your favorites in-store or online at

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