The Latest Look at Fulton Breakout Performance

Phase I of the Fulton Theatre's Breakout Performance is almost complete—take a look!

We are thrilled to give you a peek into the latest updates from The Fulton Theatre’s Breakout Performance! Construction crews have been hard at work, completing the first phase of the project on King Street; the 16 apartments are nearly ready to host guest artists!

During our first tour, we visited the guest artists’ apartments when they were still in their stages. All of the apartments were framed but were left to imagine what the finished product would look like. Since then, the construction team has breathed new life into each unit with fresh paint, modern cabinetry, and beautifully appointed bathrooms. The next step is to fully furnish each unit. Artists are contracted and housed anywhere between six weeks to three months. These will be their homes during their time at the Fulton and it is a priority to make each unit as comfortable as possible.

From left, before and after of the new Artist Housing at the Fulton Theatre.

Extensive measures were taken to preserve and honor the King Street corridor’s historic roots. Painters and masons have diligently preserved the façade of the buildings by stripping away the old paint, repointing the brick, and bringing the entire block back to its original look. One of the most exciting historic features on the block is prominently displayed on the third floor of the corner property located on Water and West King Streets. The elegant lunette window, part of the original architecture is a historic piece preserved carefully by the team.

The apartments aren’t the only areas getting the star treatment. Backstage right is ready for use! Previously, backstage left was the only space that could hold large set-pieces as stage right extended only about six feet from the edge of the curtain. It couldn’t accommodate more than a few actors at a time, a challenge for the theatre’s larger productions. Now, this space will be able to house whole ensembles and allow for more dynamic set movement. It will also permit set storage for other productions outside the mainstage series so that scene changeover can occur seamlessly. Stage right also opens into a small black box space that can hold approximately 76 people for a small event or a cabaret.

The most pressing question at hand is, “When will the project be complete?” Phase I will be finished upon final inspection, scheduled for mid-January 2020. Phase II is set to be completed in late 2020. Look for more information on Phase II in our next feature on the project coming this Spring! Look for more information on Phase II in our next feature on the project coming this Spring!

Since the beginning of the Theatre’s Fiscal Year (September 1), the theatre has raised approximately $596,000 in donations toward the $2 Million community appeal. The Fulton team is incredibly grateful for all the community support and cannot wait for all the generous donors to see their contributions at work. If you are interested in becoming a part of this exciting movement and would like to make a gift to the campaign, please contact the campaign’s Director of Donor Relations / Breakout Performance Campaign, Nicole Hackmann.

As one of the oldest operating theatres in the country and one of only eight theatres recognized as a National Historic Landmark, it’s truly an honor to watch The Fulton grow and develop over the years. We can’t wait to see the gorgeous finished product that this Breakout Performance will be!

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