Fulton Theatre Breakout

Welcome to the new Fulton Theatre.

This is the next generation of the Fulton Theatre.

We’re thrilled to announce an expanding campus, renovation and restoration, community spaces, and new audience services. We invite you to take a journey with us as we share with you, our community, our plans for this historic treasure and the people who have been leaders in bringing this project to life.

Welcome to the new Fulton Theatre.

Fulton Theatre Trustee & Lead Donors, Ed & Jeannie Arnold

Introducing the Ed and Jeannie Arnold Center for the Performing Arts

When Fulton Theatre Trustee Jeannie Arnold heard about the Fulton’s expansion plans she knew that she and her husband Ed wanted to be involved. Ed and Jeannie applaud the vision to create multiple spaces to showcase visiting arts organizations as well as expand the footprint of the Fulton Theatre. As the lead donors in this fundraising effort, Jeannie and Ed are paving the way for this project to be a reality.

The concept of the Arnold Center for the Performing Arts is to expand and enhance the Fulton’s current footprint. The new Center for the Performing Arts will transform and revitalize the historically significant Fulton Theatre building as well as revitalize buildings on King Street, and create a new, architecturally significant building on Water Street. The Center for the Performing Arts encompasses the entire city block campus that will include the Fulton Theatre, the Tell Studio Theatre, Castagna Hall, Culliton Tower, and the Barshinger Artists’ Village.

Ann B. Barshinger; the Ann B. Barshinger Artists’ Village

Introducing the Ann B. Barshinger Artists’ Village

Ann Barshinger is a Lancaster treasure. As a native of York County whose husband Dick had strong ties to Franklin and Marshall College, she has embraced Lancaster as her home and is unwavering in her support. Ann always says that Lancaster has made her feel at home. In an effort to make the Fulton’s incoming guest artists feel “at home,” she has graciously supported the housing component of the expansion.

Taking up the entire 100 block of West King Street, the Artists’ Village boasts 16 apartments for guest artists and a complete renovation of the King Street building facades in an effort to preserve original architectural features of the historic properties. The Fulton employs more than 160 local and regional artists throughout each season and we are very proud to offer our actors and designers premier accommodations through Ann’s generosity.

Carol Rae Culliton; Culliton Tower

Introducing Culliton Tower

As a philanthropist and generous supporter of the Arts, Carol Rae Culliton supports in excess of 75 local non-profit organizations through her foundation, the Gunterberg Charitable Foundation and supports an additional 250 nonprofits on a national scale. Communities and states served include Chicago, Lee County Florida, California, North Carolina, and Haiti. Carol Rae’s boundless generosity seeks to improve the lives and conditions in communities across our nation and right here at home. The Fulton is thankful for Carol Rae’s passion to support the community’s cultural vitality.

The prominent glass tower joins the current lobby with the Fulton’s Academy building to create a city block expanse on Prince Street. The tower will replace the driveway between the existing theatre and the education building in an effort to create expanded gathering spaces for Fulton patrons and our community.

Gale Zorian & Jim Hagelgans; the Zorian Hagelgans, Hagelgans & Veronis Lobby

Introducing the Zorian Hagelgans, Hagelgans & Veronis Lobby

Gale Zorian and Jim Hagelgans are well known for their ardent support of the Arts in Lancaster County. Gale and Jim recognize the critical need for an expanded lobby space to serve the Fulton’s growing audience and have chosen to support the new tower lobby with additional support provided by Hagelgans & Veronis.

The new lobby space boasts a bar, new restrooms, a new elevator, and the capacity to serve more than 1,000 patrons during performances and special events.

Jessica & Rick Rodgers; the Rodgers & Associates Lounge

Introducing the Rodgers & Associates Lounge

Well known in Lancaster as community advocates, Rodgers & Associates, led by Rick and Jessica Rodgers, recognize the importance of the Fulton’s Breakout Performance to Lancaster. They view the Fulton as a place to gather as a community to support the Arts. Their pledge will support the Producers Circle Lounge, a gathering space for Fulton supporters that boasts a private bar and restroom.

Patrick Tell

Introducing Tell Studio Theatre

Patrick Tell, a longtime Fulton Trustee, is passionate about music and theatre. The Fulton Theatre’s fourth floor, originally a shooting gallery, now boasts a 99 seat “black box” theatre. This space currently hosts the Ellen Arnold Groff Series which begins its fifth season this September. This unique theatrical space allows productions of intimate musicals and plays that are specifically programmed to start conversations, to inspire thought and to engage our audiences in a more intimate setting.

“I am so excited that we are continuing to develop the arts in Lancaster for the generations to come. We are very blessed to live in such a special community."

Patrick Tell, with his love of music, theatre, and art, chooses to invest in this space and all of its potential. With this expansion, the Tell Studio Theatre will have an increased lobby space and an additional elevator. His gift ensures patrons will enjoy this wonderful space for years to come.

Anne D. Gardner

Gardner Lobby

Anne and Gene Gardner and their family have a long history of supporting the Fulton Theatre both as a historic landmark and as a venue for house-produced, innovative musical and dramatic theater. Anne continues this commitment to the growth of the organization and the need for the expansion.

Building on a previous gift in honor of Gene’s father Paul that created the beloved mezzanine above the current lobby, Anne’s latest gift will support the expansion of the second floor Gardner Lobby as it connects to the new Tower, continuing to welcome theater patrons.

Garth Sprecher

Brossman Lobby

The Brossman Charitable Foundation is devoted to the Lancaster community. Garth Sprecher represents his family’s foundation, which has supported the Fulton Theatre for generations. The Brossman Foundation’s pledge provides continued support for the existing first floor Brossman Lobby. The Brossman Foundation has also chosen to support the Orchestra pit—where the incredible musicians that play in Fulton productions are stationed.

Patrick & Linda Castagna; Castagna Hall

Introducing Castagna Hall

Linda and Patrick Castagna, devoted supporters of the arts, Lancaster history, and our community, have contributed to numerous organizations that enhance our regional quality of life. Linda has served on the Fulton Theatre’s Board and Patrick is the current vice president of Gretna Theatre’s Board of Directors. As strong believers in the Fulton Theatre’s mission to engage life through art in the Lancaster community, Linda and Patrick hope their passion for the arts inspires others to support this expansion and all arts opportunities in Lancaster.

Castagna Hall is a multipurpose event space, and performance and rehearsal studio that will be located on Water Street. The Hall will allow Fulton artists to rehearse onsite with ample room to rehearse full productions of upcoming shows. In addition, Castagna Hall can be transformed into an enchanting new gathering and event space for 200 people. The Fulton hopes that this area, when not in use as a rehearsal space, will be available for theatre patrons, local nonprofits, and the community.

Judy & Paul Ware

Introducing the Paul W. and Judy S. Ware Endowment Fund

Leaving legacies for the next generation has been a driving force in Paul and Judy Ware’s community support. The Fulton’s Breakout Performance is no exception. With the inaugural gift to this campaign, Paul and Judy and the Ferree Foundation made a decision to focus their support on the Fulton’s Endowment that will provide a continuous source of revenue ensuring the Fulton can continue to inspire audiences for years and generations to come. This is the goal of Paul and Judy and the Fulton’s Executive Leadership; the Endowment allows that to happen.

“This project will make our county an even more attractive place to live, work, and play."

Marc Robin, Executive Artistic Producer; Liz Habecker, Campaign Chair

Twenty-three years ago the grandeur of the Fulton Theatre was restored. During that time, our productions have expanded in size and scope as audiences have grown exponentially to today’s staggering annual 170,000 guests. This amazing growth has tested the limits of the theatre’s infrastructure. It is time, once again, to invest in the “Grand Old Lady of Prince Street.”

The Fulton Theatre is poised for a breakout performance; as it Evolves, it will Elevate and Inspire our audiences, artists, and community. This dream began by creating more functional rehearsal space and backstage areas, and installing mechanical systems necessary for modern Broadway-quality productions. Where the dream has soared and grown is creating audience amenities and gathering spaces for you, our community.

By acquiring and renovating several buildings surrounding the Fulton Theatre, we hope the restored streetscape will enhance Downtown Lancaster as we collaborate with the business and arts communities to grow our collective economic impact.

Thank you for taking the journey with us. Thank you to the leaders who have supported this project and thanks to you, our community who have supported and loved the Fulton Theatre for so many years.

Nicole Hackman, Director of The Breakout Performance Campaign

Thank you for your support!

Hello. My name is Nicole, and it is my absolute pleasure to be part of this project! In addition to the incredibly generous people featured in this article, we have received over 200 gifts from households across our community. Thank you!

We are now looking for your support to ensure the Fulton Theatre continues to serve our community with greater gathering spaces and audience amenities. We invite you, our community, to be part of this exciting Breakout Performance. Please join us as we look to the future of the Fulton as a premier arts complex in an incredible, thriving downtown.

We are so close to achieving our goals. If you would like to make a gift to the campaign, now or through your estate, or if you have questions about any of the exciting elements of the expansion, please contact me at any time or visit fultonbreakout.org.

See you at the Theatre!

Learn more about this exciting project at fultonbreakout.org

The Fulton is grateful for the support of Mayor Gray, Mayor Sorace, Representative Mike Sturla, Marshall Snively, President of Lancaster City Alliance, and so many more. This project would not be possible without the vote of confidence provided by these individuals, the support of the Lancaster community, and the state of Pennsylvania and Governor Wolf with the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program Matching grant. Additional thanks to these project partners:

RLA Associates

Award-winning architect Richard Levengood of RLA Associates has been an instrumental part of the Fulton’s history as a generous supporter and as lead architect in the 1995 renovation. Richard conceived of the plan to create a city block campus and spearheaded the concept design renovation of King Street as well as the incredible architectural features of the Tower Lobby and the Hall on Water Street.

Tippetts/Weaver Architects, Inc.

Wendy Tippetts of Tippetts/Weaver Architects, Inc. is the architect of record for the Fulton’s Breakout Performance. Working closely with Richard to achieve his vision, Wendy and her team have brought their own passion for historic preservation to the project. They have contributed to countless nonprofit projects in the Lancaster area and the firm has received awards from Preservation Pennsylvania and Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County.

Warfel Construction

Warfel Construction was the original construction team during the 1995 renovation. After a thorough vetting process, the Fulton Board of Trustees chose Warfel to lead this renovation and expansion as well. We thank them for their guidance, support, and strong leadership as we transform the city block. Renderings produced by AbSketches.

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