Garden Spot Village Residents Spotlight | Larry and Christine McHenry

Garden Spot Village is a licensed, nonprofit, faith-based continuing care retirement community.

According to Christine and Larry McHenry, some of the best relationships take time to develop. The two first met when a group of friends from church went out together. While they enjoyed meeting one another, neither say they left interested in being more than friends, but after meeting a few more times and getting to know one another, they fell in love and have now been happily married for eight years.

As the two began thinking about married life in retirement, they looked to Garden Spot Village, a licensed, nonprofit, faith-based continuing care retirement community. Garden Spot offers prospective residents an opportunity to get to know them better. When prospective residents decide they want to move to Garden Spot, they make a deposit on their next home and join the Radar Screen.

Larry and Christine are on the Radar Screen and can use the amenities at Garden Spot Village, where they regularly workout, play music, and take classes.

“I’m a retired welder fabricator, and they have a complete metalworking shop there for residents to go in and make projects so that’s my thing,” Larry said.

Left: The Spice & Tea Exchange | Right: Annie Bailey's | Top: Central Market Flowers on King

In doing this, it’s really confirmed that Garden Spot is the place they want to be—especially because the two love the Lancaster County area.

Larry spent his childhood coming to Lancaster City with his mother to shop at Watt & Shand and grab lunch at downtown diners. Christine also has fond memories of visiting the city, and she is impressed with how much the city has grown each time the couple comes into Lancaster now.

When they get the call about their dream cottage being available, they will be ready to take the next step, knowing they’ll have easy access to all their favorite city spots from the Garden Spot community.

“We did a lot of homework,” Christine laughs. “We asked residents, ‘What would you do differently?’ And all they kept saying was they wished they moved here earlier.”

Larry & Christine's Local Favorites
• Favorite place to shop: Lancaster Central Market
• Favorite place to get dinner: Annie Bailey's
• Favorite place to enjoy the outdoors: Long's Park (where Larry proposed!)
• Favorite place for a treat: Lapp Valley Farm

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