Giving Back: Garrett Moore

Meet Fig Lancaster Fall 2018 Giving Back.

Garrett Moore considers himself truly blessed, and feels compelled to give to others because of the people who have poured into his life. Garrett approaches his life and work with gratitude, humility, faith, and curiosity. As a trained visual artist with a BFA degree from PCA&D and as a musical performing artist, creating and making in various forms is a huge part of who Garrett is.

Garrett’s role as Creative Arts Specialist at Friendship Heart Galley is to connect the artists with the rest of Lancaster. Friendship Heart Gallery is an extension of Friendship Community, which provides value through artistic expression to artists with intellectual disabilities and autism. The artists are empowered to create, learn, and collaborate. Garrett is passionate about helping his artists see the world around them and feel seen in return. He takes his artists out with the intention of forging connections and collaboration between the artists and individuals and organizations in the community.

Garrett approaches life like an artist. “When an artist looks at a chair, he’s not supposed to assume he knows the chair, but to see it like a child seeing a chair for the first time. One of the things I’ve been learning and trying to put into practice is not assuming that I know my community, but to see it anew, to keep looking deeper and then deeper still,” Garrett says. This way of approaching people is just one of the ways Garrett is able to give back in Lancaster.

With the gift of helping people feel seen and the passion to foster connection through art and relationship, Garrett is a true ambassador of Friendship who is giving back to the city he loves.

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