Giving Back: Rochelle Williams

Rochelle Williams is changing the lives of youth in Lancaster and we were honored to learn all about it.

Rochelle Williams shares her inspiring story and why she chooses to give back to the community she loves so dearly.

“Aspiring to be a Broadway sensation, I decided to move to New York in 1997 with $25 in my pocket and a one-way bus ticket.

I trained, performed, and taught for 11 years until my return home to Lancaster in 2008. I didn’t want my stay in Lancaster to be in vain, as I had learned so much by living in the big city. I wanted to share my gifts with my community and children who have a passion for the arts. So, I opened up a performing arts studio for kids, where they wouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars to go away.

Photographed by Sam Interrante

Not all parents can afford to financially support their child’s dreams and I felt there was an important part of our community that was missing: a performing arts program that fosters growth, discipline, and leadership—particularly one affordable for those who live in our inner city.

Photographed by Sam Interrante

The team at RebelChique Dance Co. and I are trying to reach these kids while they’re young and teach them some values—the same values I was taught when I was growing up. There is a fine line between life and death, good choices and bad decisions. It’s our duty to intervene and connect with the children of our community to keep them from going down the wrong path.

Photographed by Sam Interrante

Growing up, I was taught old school values and it is important for me to pass those same values to our children. In order for the kids to actually be recognized, now the dream is to become a fully accredited performing arts academy.”

Learn more about the offerings of RCDC and how you can get involved on their website.

We are proud to partner with Sam Interrante to bring this article to life! Connection is the heartbeat of his photography and his ability to inspire authentic confidence and approachability was the perfect fit to capture this season’s Giving Back feature. Visit Sam’s website to learn more about him!

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