Global Cuisine: Bringing the Flavors of the World to Lancaster

Upohar’s Global Cuisine perfect fuses all the flavors of the world into one, fantastic, full-service catering business.

Imagine an event where you can enjoy authentic Puerto Rican, Bengali, Syrian, and Congolese food—all from one vendor. Each and every guest could get the food they love and you wouldn’t have to hire four different caterers.

Introducing Global Flavors Catering, a brand of Upohar LLC.

You may have heard of their market stand, Christina’s Criollo or their Upohar Vegetarian Restaurant. But did you know this incredibly diverse company also runs a full-service catering business? Whether it’s at your office celebration, birthday or anniversary party, or wedding reception, Global Flavors Catering will give you a one-of-a-kind dining experience that will leave your tastebuds asking for more.

We had the opportunity to chat with Srirupa Dasgupta, founder and owner, about Global Flavors Catering, and find out how one business can provide authentic food from so many different cultures.

We learned that Sri and her business partner, Chef Christina Maldonado, are passionate about food and culture. Aside from appreciating and drawing from their own culinary traditions, Bengali and Puerto Rican respectively, they actively learn from their employees. Over the years, their staff have included refugees and immigrants from all over the world, including the Congo, Bhutan, Nepal, Iraq, Syria, and Egypt. As foodies, they have spent time learning about the cuisines and cooking techniques of each of these countries and have encouraged their staff to shape their deliciously diverse menu.

Food unites communities, and the Global Flavors Catering team understands that. Whether it’s a business that wants to appreciate their diverse employee population, or an educational institution that is celebrating Multicultural Day, or a wedding couple who wants to share their cultural heritage through the food they serve, Sri and Christina enjoy designing intercultural culinary experiences for their clients and their guests.

Customers can also choose from the standard Global Flavors Catering menu. Popular items include Syrian Falafel (seasoned chickpea fritters) served with tahini sauce, Akara (West African black-eyed pea fritters) served with hot sauce, or Puerto Rican empanadas (savory turnovers).

For dinner, Sri recommends the Nepali Ensemble, a flavorful combination of lentil stew and aromatic cabbage sauteed with tomatoes and potatoes, all served on cumin infused basmati rice and topped with a cucumber salad. Christina loves the Syrian Ensemble, which includes baked chicken with aromatic spices, rice pilaf, and tomato salad.

At full-service events, the Global Flavors Catering staff are available to explain the food, and for those who are curious, they also explain the traditional way of eating the food. 

Global Flavors Catering truly is a unique experience. The team loves pairing traditional dishes from different countries to create unique menus and uniting cultures and people through food.

Although Upohar led the way for more diverse restaurants to enter the Lancaster scene, no other catering company exists that so perfectly brings together the flavors of the world. We’re happy Global Flavors Catering calls Lancaster their home. We’re grateful for leaders and entrepreneurs like Sri who seek to help our wonderful city continue to develop and grow.

For more information about Upohar LLC’s Global Flavors Catering and to book an event, visit their website.

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