Good Food for All: Lancaster City’s Food Scene

Lancaster City has long been known for good food and a warm welcome.

Lancaster City has long been known for good food and a warm welcome.

Our history of welcome began with our city’s founding in 1730 with Lancaster’s earliest settlers fleeing persecution, aiding escaped slaves on the Underground Railroad in the 1800s, and now helping modern-day refugees find a new home and a place to belong.

And from within this intersection of worlds and people and cultures, a unique food scene has sprung up. There are many ingredients that began setting the city apart—Lancaster natives who have planted roots here to share hospitality with their neighbors, international residents who bring their traditions and global flavors, and big city culinary talent who are coming here to make their mark. That, combined with our proximity to farm fresh ingredients and our tenacity to push forward into new food trends (see: our incredible craft cocktail scene) make Lancaster a remarkable destination for everything from brunch to quick bites to fine dining.

Residents of Lancaster have experienced the tasty treasures we’re fortunate to have around every corner of our seven-square-mile city, and it was only a matter of time before word got out, as Lancaster has been slowly gaining national recognition for our truly special blend of culinary diversity.

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