How Benjamin Roberts Transforms Office Spaces Into Second Homes

Meet the team as lively, creative, and warm as the workspaces they design.

Gone are the days of gray, drab cubicles in boring office settings that inspire little more than a third cup of coffee just to stay awake. These days, most companies have caught on to the fact that comfortable, well-decorated work environments can increase productivity, improve employee retention, and even boost creativity. And they’ve taken to hiring experts, like the team at Benjamin Roberts Ltd, to maximize their spaces accordingly.

And it just so happens that Benjamin Roberts, Lancaster’s oldest and most trusted Office Interior company, has been ahead of this trend for decades. For more than 40 years the establishment has been helping local businesses conceive and construct office spaces that inspire, empower, and equip clients for success. They understand the vital importance of not only having an aesthetically pleasing workplace to perform, but also using ergonomically friendly office furniture. By incorporating pieces that support proper posture and encourage movement throughout the day, Benjamin Roberts believes, employees stay healthier and happier; and therefore, work more productively. Such designs also encourage blood flow, boosting focus and alertness, and decreasing the chance of common office injuries, such as carpal tunnel or back pain.

Why are these things so important? Simple: an investment in the wellness, comfort, and contentment of employees is also an investment in customers, and the community at large.

Benjamin Roberts knows that this is an effective philosophy because the team itself has been utilizing it since the very beginning. With core values like earning trust, cultivating community, nurturing family, and having fun, it’s easy to see why most of their employees are so fulfilled, and consequently have a reputation for delivering some of the most friendly customer service in town.

So it makes sense that while Benjamin Roberts’s services themselves run the gamut from coordinating installation to delivery and maintenance, the company itself is concerned with so much more than the furniture solutions they provide. Clearly, at the heart of everything the team does is a commitment to its community: starting with their employees, and radiating outward. Audrey Fiske-Ebenshade, marketing and communications manager of the company, stresses the importance of this philosophy in the way they do business. “We consider clients to be more than just clients–” she explains. “they’re our neighbors.” Those interested in joining the family can call (717) 291-1001 to get started.

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