Inspire Series: Sarah Yukie Gingrich, Founder of Create Karma

Sarah, Founder of Create Karma, kicks off the Inspire Series.

What is the impact of a positive healthy community?

We live in a world where the standard of living is such that many people have the ability to lead a life that empowers them and makes a difference in what matters to them. Right now, obesity is estimated to cost between $147 – 210 billion dollars yearly, more than our budget for education. When wellness can be the foundation for so much positive change in one individual’s life, magnifying that impact to form a positive, healthy community will make a real difference.

Why is holistic wellness so critical to someone’s life?

Holistic wellness means giving people the tools to use self-inquiry, communication, and structures to look at all aspects of wellness for themselves: including community engagement, connection to inner awareness or the ability to be present, and the capacity to experience our emotions without being dominated by them. Frequently in our culture, we confuse fitness (or yikes, thinness!) with wellness, and I am passionate about changing our vision of wellness to include our community, our spirit, our mental health, and our ability to be powerfully and positively connected with our whole being. Our programs “create karma” by transforming participants into responsible, generous, inspiring, and WELL leaders.

When we are generous and compassionate with ourselves, our lens of the world changes and we have the energy and capacity to create the actions (or karma) that create a fulfilling life. In changing our perspective from what we believe we are “supposed” to want to observing what actually has us be complete, we can all create a life that works.

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