Inspire Series: Yelena Korablin Tradition Bread Bakery

Inspire Series, Yelena Korablin Tradition Bread Bakery: Empowering stories about women who have big ideas and get things done.

Bread baking is a tradition that dates back more than 30,000 years, but thanks to its mass production in the early 20th century, the techniques we use today are almost unrecognizable. Yelena Korablin, sole baker at Tradition Bread Bakery (located just 3 miles north of Downtown Lancaster), has experienced the consequences of this drastic change in bread baking first hand. After her husband became extremely ill with digestive issues, the first thing he was advised to cut from his diet was store-bought bread. Then, her daughter began exhibiting the same mysterious symptoms–and doctors recommended she do the same. As a self-taught baker and bread lover, Yelena couldn’t help but take interest in this frustrating phenomena: why was bread always the enemy, especially considering it was one of humankind’s first foods?

Her investigation led her way, way back to traditional bread recipes, far predating the bagged bread we buy in stores today. She learned that by using ancient grains and naturally leavening her bread instead of using quick-rise yeast, she could make loaves that were safe enough for her family to enjoy, ailment free. Science can explain how these age-old fermentation processes make bread more digestible and nutritious, but instinct and sense may tell us another story: one that demonstrates how hitting the pause button, taking the scenic route, and letting love and time do the heavy lifting produces a superior product. Yelena has now manifested this wisdom and experience into Tradition Bread Bakery, a certified micro-cottage operation that she runs out  of her home in the Belair neighborhood. Even through all she has learned and accomplished, she is still humble about her mission.

I’m just a Mom, who cares about all the kids out there being healthy, being happy, and never getting sick from their food.”

You can read up on ancient grains, order Yelena’s baked goods or purchase a monthly bread subscription by visiting her website,

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