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Atomic is no stranger to creative exploration.

Stifel strives to help clients create sustainable financial solutions to impact their legacy while enhancing the surrounding community. In each 2019 issue of Fig Lancaster, Stifel is sponsoring this feature on an organization that is showcasing a strong mission of community transformation to uplift and inspire our readers.

Fittingly situated in front of a space-themed mural, Tom McPhillips, the founder behind Atomic, and his children, Daniel McPhillips and Chloe Rich, are no strangers to creative exploration.

“We celebrate the unknown,” says Tom, perhaps in reference to the gargantuan astronauts and rocket ships looming in the background. “It’s a fast-moving industry. Anticipation is difficult, but we feel that we’re ready for anything.” The company, which has specialized in creative set design and production for more than two decades, has extended its aesthetic reach to everything from television, sporting events, and concerts to awards shows, galas, and retail displays not just throughout the United States, but in other parts of the world as well. “We make cool stuff for cool people,” says Daniel.

While Daniel quips that his father “will never retire,” there is a transition plan in place. Daniel will run business operations in his current position as President. And Chloe, as the company’s Vice President of Brand Strategy and its newest partner, will oversee the company’s marketing as her role evolves into other areas. Tom will resume his focus on designing shows.

At present, Daniel and Chloe remain confident that the company will continue to thrive well into the future, not only due to its immensely talented staff, but also because of its strong teamwork dynamic and progressive work culture. Innovation has, and always will be, Atomic’s calling card, as the following quote from Tom McPhillips appropriately illustrates:

“Our Atomic logo includes a rocket and it seems not much of a stretch to say that those of us who work at Atomic are its astronauts, always exploring, always looking for new worlds and new technologies–but not forgetting that our origins have a strong background in theatrical craft and that is as much a part of our DNA as is embracing the digital and technological frontiers of the future.”

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