Lancaster Love Stories: Jordan & Kiandra

Discover the love of locals in this latest feature sponsored by Brent L. Miller.

Once upon a night, this lovely duo, Jordan and Kiandra, grew-up, fell in love, and started a family together all here in Lancaster. Kiandra is a familiar face to Fig readers—you may recognize her from the cover of our 2016 Winter Issue of Fig!

Jordan and Kiandra had un-officially met in 8th grade at the Laserdome. Five years later, they officially met at the annual Buchanan Park carnival when the pair were in high school. Kiandra, from McCaskey, and Jordan, from Conestoga Valley, couldn’t deny the chemistry between them this time.

These high-school sweethearts were determined to make their love last. After graduating, this pair found their new home at the University of Maryland. But a Bachelor’s degree was just the beginning of their journey together. Their commencement led them to two different paths — Jordan to Columbia for business school and Kiandra to law school at Drexel in Philly. However, as determined and independent individuals themselves, their bond was only strengthened by the distance. They now lead a beautiful life together here in Lancaster City with Kiandra recently joining McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC as an Associate and Jordan leading the foundations for Atollo. Atollo is a non-profit organization based in Lancaster that was founded on the advice of Jordan’s mentor, “You can’t pay it back… so you have to pay it forward.”

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Through the whirlwind of it all, life forced them to pause and see their own lives in a new way when they brought their daughter, Meera, to the world. A gorgeous surprise, Jordan and Kiandra took to parenting in a stride. So much so that they also welcomed a new little one, Mav, earlier this year.

After 13 years together, their next chapter started once again at Buchanan Park, where Jordan and Meera popped the question! Jordan describes the ring as “classic and timeless and perfect for Kiandra.” He worked closely with Brent L. Miller and Kiandra’s mom to design the diamond solitaire ring. It’s a gorgeous ring that so flawlessly matched the pair’s glimmering smiles when they looked at each other.

The couple tied the knot in June 2019 to officially vow to love and care for one another until the end of time in a small ceremony with just close family and friends. As a symbol of their love, they returned to BLM, looking for bands that would be symbols of their future together. Both of them gushed how easy and enjoyable it was to work with the BLM team. Even after the wedding, they’ve been working closely with them to make sure their rings fit just right.

Shopping at a local jeweler was a no brainer for the pair. This is home for them. As active parties in the community, supporting local businesses is integral to life in Lancaster. Everyone feels like family, and it doesn’t hurt too that all of their family still lives here. It’s hard not to fall in love with Lancaster. Both Jordan and Kiandra recognize the growth that Lancaster has seen recently is not just in population but in diversity, opportunities, and education. For now, this is home, and that’s how their story goes. This is just the beginning—their next chapter is still being written.

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