Meet The Movers & Shakers Behind Lancaster’s Annual ExtraGive

Meet the teams sponsoring Lancaster's biggest fundraiser.

Who is ready for the 2018 ExtraGive on November 16?

Last year, our community raised $8.6 million for over 450 organizations working to transform Lancaster through various causes and missions!

The Lancaster County Community Foundation works side by side with people who care about Lancaster County. They partner with individuals and organizations to help turn your ideas into action and your investments into legacy that will strengthen our community for generations.

Through the Extraordinary Give, the Community Foundation works with hundreds of local organizations and businesses to create excitement and inspire giving for important causes across our community. The Community Foundation does not take any money from the event, but instead joins the sponsors to make this special day a reality for Lancaster County.

In fact, the Extraordinary Give couldn’t happen without the many local sponsors, led by Presenting Sponsors Rodgers & Associates and High Foundation. Together, all of these generous sponsors create the Stretch Pool and Prizes that put the “extra” fun into this 24-hour day of giving. Thanks to all of the ExtraGive Sponsors, 2018 offers more than half a million dollars that make every donation go the extra mile.

Meet the people who are making ExtraGive a reality, and discover why they think it’s important to give back to the community that you love!

Meet The Sponsors

Explore why they feel the Lancaster ExtraGive is so important to the community. 

Rodgers & Associates in 2012 & 2017. 

Presenting Sponsors:

Rodgers & Associates

“The Extraordinary Give increases awareness of the needs in our non-profit community and expands the reach of donors who may not have thought of themselves as connected before,” said Rick Rodgers, President of Rodgers & Associates. “We love the ‘buzz’ that is created on the day of the ExtraGive as we feel the power of pulling together as a community. It is truly inspirational.”

Rodgers & Associates has a team of financial advisers that specialize in financial planning for investors who are retired or expect to retire soon, helping to navigate the sometimes overwhelming financial landscape.

“The first Extra Give in 2012 when total giving went past $1 million was quite moving,” added Rick. “Little Lancaster raised $1 million dollars in less than 24 hours. Every year since, the Extra Give hits the $1 million mark earlier and earlier. It still reminds me of that magical moment when we raised the first million six years ago.”


High Foundation

“The primary goal of High Foundation is to bridge the gap from poverty to sustainability,” said Robin Stauffer, Executive Director at High Foundation. “As a Presenting Sponsor of the Extraordinary Give, we are most gratified when we can reinforce the contributions received by those community groups and other stakeholders with a common interest in eliminating poverty and increasing vibrancy in the Lancaster community and beyond.”

The High Foundation’s mission is to align with community organizations to support positive change within areas of identified need. With deep roots in Lancaster, the Foundation is committed to the community’s growth and vitality.

“Each year, this phenomenal event outdoes itself,” added Robin. “We have been amazed by the increases in giving every year for the benefit of our community.  Being there among so many who believe in and love Lancaster as we do, and seeing the record broken once again, is the best and most meaningful event for the High Family and for all of us at High Foundation.”


High Foundation. 

Premier Plus Sponsor:

The Steinman Foundation & LNP

“Giving back is in our company DNA and this event is the best illustration of our community coming together,” said Olivia, Foundation Outreach Coordinator at The Steinman Foundation. “The generosity and unity felt during the event is remarkable, and we are so glad to be a part!”

The Steinman Foundation, in carrying forward the vision of James Hale Steinman and John Frederick Steinman, seeks to improve the quality of life in the communities that comprise Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The organization offers grants to help enrich the Lancaster community.

“One of the biggest positive outcomes from the ExtraGive is how it highlights the amazing work of non-profits in our community,” added Olivia. “These are often the unsung heroes who are doing the work of keeping our community safe, healthy, housed, educated, fed and so much more. This day highlights that incredible work and the wide range of resources available to those in Lancaster County.”


Armstrong World Industries, and Armstrong Ceilings, helps community initatives---like this space refresh at the Boys & Girls Club of Lancaster. 

Premier Sponsors:

Armstrong World Industries Foundation

I believe the energy of possibility and community spirit reminds us we’re all in this together and that by giving back, in a small or big way, we make our town, our county, and our world a better place,” said Jennifer Johnson, Director of Corporate Communications at Armstrong World Industries. “To me, the ExtraGive is a wonderful twenty-four hour moment. Start to finish, Extra Give is a big charge of optimism every year.”

Armstrong World Industries is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative commercial and residential ceiling, wall, and suspension system solutions. With over 3,800 employees and fiscal 2016 revenues from ceiling operations in excess of $1.2 billion. The company invests in many local Lancaster initiatives, including refreshing and designing a space for the Boys & Girls Club of Lancaster.

I love how fun and easy it is to support the important work ExtraGive organizations do. Sometimes I even discover organizations I wasn’t aware of that inspire me to give to them. It can get out of hand,” laughs Jennifer. “But it feels great!”



“What we like most about ExtraGive is that so many organizations benefit in such a short amount of time,” said Adam Conish and Nina Cohen, Directors of Glenmede’s Endowment & Foundation Management practice. “Seeing the growth of the event, both in magnitude of giving, and outreach, is amazing. When you are at the event, you can see and feel the community enthusiasm. It makes ExtraGive exciting.”

Glenmede provides investment management and advisory solutions to nonprofit clients, ranging from local educational institutions to national charitable organizations. Glenmede serves over 250 endowment and foundation relationships, representing $9 billion in assets under management. In total, Glenmede manages over $40 billion in assets under management for endowments, foundations, institutional clients, and high-net-worth individuals and families.

Every year, we look forward to Sam Bressi’s remarks,” added the Glenmede team. “Sam is an inspiring speaker, so it is great seeing him get the crowd excited at the beginning of the evening. The video created for these remarks is uplifting and entertaining too. It is truly incredible to see philanthropy in action and the power of people coming together to create positive outcomes.”


LEFT: Glenmede. RIGHT: Atlee Hall. 


Stretch Sponsors:

Armstrong Flooring

Armstrong Flooring is a proud supporter of the Lancaster ExtraGive event.

Based in Lancaster, Armstrong Flooring operates 15 manufacturing facilities in the United States, China and Australia. The team of 3,600 employees is dedicated to providing the highest levels of innovation, quality and service. That commitment has made us them the #1 manufacturer of resilient and wood flooring products across North America. Their history dates back more than 150 years, to the time when their founder Thomas Armstrong built his business around this motto: “Let the buyer have faith.”


Atlee Hall

“Our favorite aspect of the ExtraGive is the participating non-profit organizations,” said Jamie Hall, Marketing & Community Outreach Coordinator of Atlee Hall. “There are over four hundred participating organizations that share similar missions to Atlee Hall’s of making Lancaster a safer and healthier place to live, in some way or another. It’s an opportunity for everyone in the Atlee Hall team and around the community to contribute, learn more about these organizations, and see them raise the funds they need to succeed.”

Atlee Hall focuses on tackling tough cases, relying on the creativity, professionalism, and experience of their team to help clients attain justice and hold negligent organizations accountable, ultimately making the community safer for everyone.

“Not only can we engage as a whole firm to contribute to awesome causes, but the positive effects of the Extraordinary Give also last year-round,” added Jamie. “The excitement of the day itself brings in millions of dollars that are then used by each of the organizations to ensure Lancaster continues to be a unique, vibrant, and caring community.”



BB&T Bank is proud to support the ExtraGive!

At BB&T, the team strives to create the best financial institution possible to offer excellence in community banking and financial services including banking, lending, insurance, trust, and wealth management solutions.


Benchmark Construction

“Our favorite part of the ExtraGive is the collective celebration, the electricity in the air, and of course, the final big reveal of what this community has come together to accomplish in just twenty-four hours,” said Alyssa Kurtz, Business Development Associate at Benchmark Construction. “We love the dialogue that the ExtraGive sparks at the corporate and personal level; it normalizes the conversation. It’s now okay to talk about the organizations you donate to, and why. People are advocating for their favorite non-profits and opening the discussion of what it’s doing for our community and why it’s important.”

Benchmark strives to create a successful construction experience by implementing an environment that fosters collaboration and project team engagement. For over 30 years, commitment to their Core Values has made Benchmark Construction an ideal building partner for the region’s most forward-thinking organizations.

Benchmark hosts a large giving party at the Ware Center each year and it’s been amazing to see how the event has grown over the years,” added Alyssa. “The outpouring of support we’ve received from the business community has really made it something special. We invite your readers to stop by on the evening of the Give to see it for themselves!”



“At Citadel, we are inspired by the sense of community promoted by the ExtraGive,” said Deb Flores, Citadel Market Manager. “Our Lancaster teams are proud to live and work in a community that celebrates prospering together and supporting one another. As an organization, we are grateful to be a part of an initiative that lets us give back to our members’ community.”

Citadel offers convenient, simple banking solutions that make your experience more valuable and rewarding. The team provides credit cards with low competitive rates and cash back and checking accounts loaded with debit card rewards.

“It is very gratifying to be a part of this event and to see over 450 non-profits that do such an amazing job in the community every day,” added Deb. “It was really exciting to run a contest through Citadel’s website for our members and community to nominate an organization for us to support.”

“In the past, I have volunteered during the ExtraGive and the amount of enthusiasm and positivity of the event is a sight to see,” said April Brook, Citadel Market Manager. “It’s exciting to see people come together just to do good for our community. Citadel is proud to be involved.”


Clipper Magazine &

Clipper Magazine and are excited to be part of the sponsorship team for the 2018 ExtraGive.

Both Clipper Magazine and look to offer great opportunities to save in your local community. Explore deals and information on some of your favorite community shops, restaurants, boutiques, and more, from this great magazine and digital experience.


New Holland North America

“The ExtraGive allows us to have a sustainable community,” said Bret Lieberman, VP of New Holland North America. “The support of these charitable organizations allows us to have community that can thrive together. We know that there will always be people that are in need of these charitable organizations and the ExtraGive plays a big part in making sure that these organizations are here for the community, both today and into the future.”

New Holland North America is the umbrella company over New Holland Agriculture—a premier destination for tractors, haytools, spraying equipment, harvesters, utility vehicles, and combines—and New Construction—a resource for equipment such as tractor loaders, compact excavators, and more, plus miscellaneous parts and attachments.

Bret and the team love being part of this exciting ExtraGive event.

“Personally, taking my daughter to the ExtraGive and explaining to her about the great community that we live in is a moment I cherish,” said Bret.  “As she is just starting her career, this event tells her a lot about the community that she has had the opportunity to grow up in and now possibly build a career here. What happens at the ExtraGive reflects on individuals making personal decisions so the community in total will be better, and that is pretty powerful.”


New Holland North America

New Holland North America

LEFT: Benchmark. RIGHT: ExtraGive balloons dotting the City last year. 

Highmark Blue Shield. 

Highmark Blue Shield

“Without a doubt, my favorite part of ExtraGive is the enormous energy and spirit it engages to raise millions of dollars in just 24 short hours,” said Taylor Yiengst, Community Affairs at Highmark. “Yet the impact these dollars have on our community endures for years to come. The event is also inspirational because it helps to bring new donors to the table every year, essentially helping to create philanthropy. Highmark is extremely proud to be involved in this highly successful and meaningful community effort.”

Highmark Blue Shield is located in Lancaster and across Pennsylvania. The team helps clients navigate the sometimes overwhelming health insurance market. They work with each individual face-to-face, during personalized one-on-one sessions, to ensure it is a smooth, successful process. Highmark loves to be part of the ExtraGive each year.

I think the lighting up of the Griest Building is a memory that really stands out for me personally,” added Taylor. “It is the perfect way to celebrate the success of ExtraGive, because it is not only spectacular visually, but quite literally enlightens our community and helps area organizations and residents to recognize how philanthropy can brighten the world of those who live, work and play in this community.”


Hershey Company

The Hershey Company is more than just good chocolate, it is a commitment to the community—that’s why they are looking forward to this year’s ExtraGive fundraiser.

When it comes to iconic brands, Hershey is all about goodness. The company ensures products are successful and delicious, using consumer feedback, farmer and supplier relationships, and quality evaluation to each step. Bringing chocolate, and more, to the table while helping communities thrive is the Hershey way. 


Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority (LCSWMA)

“Participating in the ExtraGive is a fun and meaningful way to connect our employees to causes they care about, which ultimately helps make our community a better place to live, work, and recreate,” said Katie Sandoe, Chief Communications Officer at LCSWMA. “In return, we recognize that when our community thrives, our employees thrive, too. So, it’s a privilege to be a part of an initiative that helps to ensure a vibrant future for all of us.”

LCSWMA is dedicated to discovering and implementing new ways of using waste as a resource to create a sustainable future. The organization also strives to envision a society that utilizes waste in ways that improve the livability of the community so all people can thrive.

“For the 2017 ExtraGive, LCSWMA’s employees came together for ‘ThanksGatherings” held at each of our sites, to share the vision and goals of the ExtraGive,” said Katie. “Our employees developed an internal campaign that encouraged each other to give back to our community through the ExtraGive. As part of this campaign, LCSWMA provided added support and resources that empowered our staff to exceed their goal. In total, our staff contributed over $19,000 on the day of the ExtraGive.”



Rhoads Energy

Penn Cinema

Penn Cinema strives to provide a world class entertainment destination to the community, is is a proud sponsor of the ExtraGive.

Year after year, Penn Cinema adopts new and updated technology and amenities to enhance the moviegoing experience for our guests. Penn Cinema boasts the latest and greatest in digital cinema technology featuring 100% crystal clear digital audio and projection, 3D and high-frame rate technologies, premium large format and immersive cinema, and various accessibility technologies.


PNC Financial Services

PNC is looking forward to helping support the ExtraGive this year in the City!

For more than 160 years, PNC has been committed to providing clients with great service and powerful financial expertise to help them meet their financial goals. They are proud of the longstanding history of supporting not only their customers but also communities, employees, and shareholders.


Rhoads Energy

At Rhoads Energy we start our day around 7am, supporting the Give Mobiles, and finish up at Midnight with the celebration at the Marriott,” said Jennifer Goldbach, Vice President of Business Development at Rhoads Energy. “Of course we do very little halfway, and this event is no exception—we are all in! It’s amazing watching our community come together in such a positive, happy, supportive, giving way for 24 hours.  So many random acts of kindness all day long.”

Rhoads Energy promotes fast response, fair pricing, staff engagement, and community investment while they offer HVAC repair, commercial and fleet energy services, air conditioning and heating, heating oil delivery, and more.

“One of our favorite memories over the years is watching our little Rhoads Energy Happy Hour of Giving at the Federal Taphouse grow every year,” added Jennifer. “Friends, customers and family almost don’t need invitations anymore—they show up and go right to our giving stations with open hearts (and wallets)! It’s awesome!”



This is the first year that the Woodstream Corporation is involved and we couldn’t be more excited to be part of such a special event,” said Erika Herold, Logistics Analyst at Woodstream. “The Extraordinary Give is a wonderful opportunity to shine light on so many local nonprofits, groups and organizations in our area that we all know.  It engages and rallies the community to give on a large scale that makes an impact like no other fundraiser, all in a single day.”

Woodstream Corporation is the leading manufacturer of pest and animal control items, and lawn and garden products. They are moving their headquarters to Downtown Lancaster in 2019 and are excited to invest even more in the local community.

We are deep-rooted in the community and dedicated to continue being more involved, especially since we our moving our headquarters downtown,” said Erika. “Being part of the Extra Give this year is a great way for us to become a bigger part of our new community now and for the years to come.  This is our home—this is where live, work, play and raise our families.  I am personally excited to be at the ExtraGive for the ‘big reveal’ of dollars raised, and to know that the Woodstream Corporation was part of helping so many in our community.”


Mark your calendar for November 16!

Learn about all of the participating organizations and how you can get involved or make a donation at

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