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Preparation and security are two facets of daily life many of us should regularly think about but often forget to. At Murray, their goal is to provide smart solutions in insurance, risk management, wealth management, health benefits, and third-party administration to folks from every background and walk of life.

Preparation and security are two facets of daily life many of us should regularly think about but often forget to. At Murray, their goal is to provide smart solutions in insurance, risk management, wealth management, health benefits, and third-party administration to folks from every background and walk of life. The team at Murray seek to help businesses and individuals be better prepared and more secure for whatever obstacles lie ahead. Along with the day to day work Murray does for its clients, the company values the building of trust with local leaders, creating opportunities, cultivating community with local Lancastrians, and celebrating diversity in the culturally rich city we share.

With their corporate headquarters situated right in the middle of downtown Lancaster, Murray’s love and appreciation for Lancaster City is blatantly evident. All of the restaurants, shopping, galleries, and other things to do make it easy for others to see why anybody would love our downtown. Murray’s staff, many of whom were raised here or have lived in the area for a considerable amount of time, talked to us about all of their favorite things to do in Lancaster City.

“I love the small-town feel and trust in our community. While at Central Market, a stand owner, who doesn’t take debit cards, gave my son a breakfast sandwich when I didn’t have cash. They told me to “bring it next time,” and, I did. That type of generosity, faith and kindness is what I love most about Lancaster City.”- Kristine (Communications)

“Being in downtown Lancaster allows our family time to experience the city’s rich multiculturalism. My wife and I regularly bring the kids for walks downtown. Our son is taking German in school, and he was excited – or as he would say “aufgeregt” – when he heard someone speaking German. At any given time, you can encounter different languages, food, and ethnic festivals and celebrations as well as shops and services that represent different parts of the world. Lancaster is welcoming to those with entrepreneurial spirits, making for a unique and diverse environment. Our local community is really a micro representation of the world.” – Ommie (Information Systems)

“I love working downtown because over the years, many of the local shop and restaurant owners have become good friends to me. They’re not just faces behind the counter. They strike up real conversations and ask about how you, your family, and your work is doing. The people in Lancaster truly care. Our downtown community thrives because the people in it make it thrive. We care about each other and take care of one another. That’s what makes Lancaster a special place.”- Jenn (New Business Development)

“Since starting at Murray, I made it a goal to explore what Lancaster City had to offer. While taking a walk downtown, I ran into old friends I hadn’t seen in years and was able to reconnect with them over lunch. Being downtown offered me the opportunity to spend an entire day with a client from Bethlehem who very much wanted to experience 101 North Queen and all of the shopping. My client drove down on a weekday and we spent the day dining downtown at different venues with a lot of shopping and cultural experiences in-between. I love this city!”- Lori (Construction Sales)

“I love supporting small businesses and family-owned restaurants in Lancaster City! We’re lucky to be home to so many delicious cuisines within walking distance of our office on North Duke Street. I’m able to fulfill my curry cravings at Himalayan, help cure my cold with spicy ramen from Issei Noodle, satisfy my hunger for a hot chicken sandwich at Blazin J’s, and stop in at Silantra for the most convenient to-go meal around, the Bing.”- Katelyn (Claims)

“Growing up and living in Lancaster my entire life, I’ve seen many positive changes within the city. Times have certainly changed over the years, but the welcoming feeling of the Lancastrians along a thriving community is the reason I enjoy working, dining and shopping in Lancaster City. After 17 years with Murray, not a day goes by that is boring. The key to success is building relationships, treating every client with the respect they deserve and overcoming challenges. I do my best to help our clients succeed as business owners. In the midst of change, being honest, paying close attention to detail and fast responses are what clients appreciate the most. I am proud to be part of the Murray team!”- Kim (Small Business)

“Downtown Lancaster is a culinary delight to my palate. Whether I’m looking for an empanada with mofongo, jerk chicken, a dragon sushi roll, mac ‘n cheese with collard greens, chicken tikka masala, fresh spring rolls, or a simple bison burger with fries, I love that I can experience a myriad of cultures through the love language of food here in downtown Lancaster.”- Debra (Administration)

“I love the blend of old and new. From the antique and priceless stained-glass windows crafted by Tiffany himself to the historic Fulton Theatre, Lancaster City is a quite the gem. With famous characters like Mark Twain gracing its stage in years past, the Fulton Opera house was at one time in danger of being razed. Thankfully, our community rallied and rose to the challenge of preserving and reenergizing the Fulton Theatre. It’s also wonderful having such a plethora of restaurants to choose from. It seems like Lancaster’s dining options can satisfy almost everyone’s unique tastes. And how can you not mention Lancaster Central Market? Having fresh produce, delicious baked goods and friendly people right around the corner is such a treat. It’s also the oldest operating farmers market in the country.”- Chris (New Business Development)

“I love that there are so many dining options available at lunch time – all within easy walking distance from our downtown office. It provides an enjoyable and much needed break from the workday. I also enjoy the many small businesses and retailers scattered throughout Downtown Lancaster. They offer so many unique products and services that you just can’t find in the big box stores and malls.”- Randy (Risk Control)

“Working downtown, I love being able to walk to so many different places – the library, the post office, the drug store, the Italian bakery, Zanzibar for cards and of course, Central Market. There are so many people that live in the suburbs and never come into the city and they don’t realize what they are missing. I made a point to bring my daughters downtown on the weekends ever since they were young – to church, the library, the former Cross Keys and Central Market. I just introduced them to Max’s. They have grown to love Lancaster City just as much as I do.”- Beth (Commercial Client Services)

To learn more about Murray and the services they provide for businesses and individuals, visit or call (717) 397-9600.

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