Perfect Pots Offers 7 Tips For Plant Perfection

Perfect Pots is a team of plant perfectionists ready to transform your garden or space.

Cover Photo: Laura Lapp, Owner of Perfect Pots, in front of her greenhouse in Lancaster

“My mom had a flower shop right across the street from Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square growing up. I was always interested in gardening. It’s in my genes—it’s in my blood. It’s very satisfying to now help bring the beauty of flowers to others.”

Laura Lapp channeled her passion for flowers and gardening into a full-blown business right here in Lancaster that continues to grow.

“We are celebrating our ten year anniversary this year,” said Laura. “There are now 15 of us working here. It’s a great team—people with all different talents and interests. It’s very important to me to create an environment here that’s pleasant to shop—and we want our customers to experience that.”

Perfect Pots began as a small side venture—and turned into so much more. Laura began the service in her driveway at home. After word spread that she was helping to curate beautiful blooms for everyone in the neighborhood and beyond, she had to find a larger space. A greenhouse near her house was vacant and provided the perfect opportunity to grow. A few tables here and there have now transformed into a fully-functioning extensive greenhouse operation!

“Now we offer on-site service in our greenhouse in addition to off-site service,” said Laura. “We go out and service pots people already have, or take along new containers and design the customer’s new patio space and front door entrance. 

It’s a greenhouse with a consultation option that solidifies Perfect Pots as the go-to pros for gardening success.

We love helping customers get the ‘wow’ factor with flowers and pots,” added Laura. “We can help design a flower display or garden specifically for a unique space, just like you would with furniture or other home items.”

The greenhouse, as well as off-site services, are offered all year long. There are opportunities for four curated seasonal plantings. Early Spring options include cold-tolerant planting that can still take frost and snow. The Summer plant options are numerous—this is when the greenhouse is full to the brim. Then, beginning in September, the Fall season kicks off with pumpkins and autumn options. Finally, the Winter season offers a unique array of holiday options that will last all season long.

We want to help add gorgeous color no matter the season,” said Laura.

The team at Perfect Pots shared 7 tips on how to make your garden space truly thrive. Check out the guide below and get ready to add some beautiful color to your home, office, or community space!

Tip 1: Use A Statement Piece Pot

It’s all about the statement piece.

“Use the largest pot your space can handle,” said Laura. “Bigger pots yield bigger plants.”

If you want a true focal point, make sure to choose your pots carefully. Perfect Pots has a giant assortment of beautiful pottery to browse—some of the best pottery in Lancaster County. All frost resistant and vibrant, these pots ensure your garden is bold and beautiful.

Tip 2 – Use Good Potting Soil

Potting soil is the foundation for your plant to truly flourish—so it’s no wonder the team at Perfect Pots carefully selects the best mix around.

“We use a potting mix that is made locally in Quarryville, PA,” said Laura. “We have tested certain types from all over the country, but this has proven to be the best!”

It’s important to use the potting soil all the way down to the bottom of the pot, and without any filler. This will make sure your plants are sturdy and healthy.

Tip 3 – Select The Right Plants For Your Space

It’s time to choose your garden friends—but make sure you have everything you need to make this careful selection!

“It’s really important to select plants that will thrive in your type of light conditions and environment,” said Laura. “We love to help customers find the best plants that fit their lifestyle.”

The assortment of plants in the Perfect Pots greenhouse are separated by sunlight needs to make it easy to explore options. The team will also help find plants that need less watering or other unique aspects.

“It’s always okay to ask for help—and we are here to provide that.”

Tip 4 – Fertilize, Fertilize, Fertilize

Once the plant is planted, it is very important to fertilize.

“The plants that we are cultivating here are primarily annuals—and are heavy feeders that need lots of fertilizer,” said Laura. “The purpose of these plants is to provide tons of color and lots of blooms for a specific range of time. Because of this, they are in need of having lots of food.”

The team at Perfect Pots uses one type of fertilizer for their plants, and another organic fertilizer for their edible plants like herbs and vegetables.

Tip 5 – Give Your Plants Consistent “Haircuts”

It’s critical to have a certain upkeep with your plant. Trimming is crucial—it’s what Laura calls “haircuts.”

“It’s important to trim and prune your plants, or give them ‘haircuts’,” said Laura. “It keeps them neat, tidy, and healthy.”

Tip 6 – Water Is Crucial

Your plants need hydration!

“You will want to water the plant whenever the soil is dry,” said Laura. “If the soil is still moist, skip watering and check back later.”

Laura also mentioned that you want to make sure the water is okay for plants. If you have a salt softener in your space, you will want to use an outdoor spigot that isn’t attached to any sort of softener.

There are other plants that need specific types of watering—like the air plant. Laura and her team found the best way to water an air plant is to fully submerge them in water once a week, then letting them dry out before doing so again.

Tip 7 – Enjoy Them!

It may seem like common sense, but that doesn’t make it any less important!

“Plants are supposed to be enjoyed,” said Laura. “Take time to sit in your garden, on your porch, or on your patio. Enjoy the hummingbirds, the butterflies—the beauty around you.”

If you want you want to redefine your porch, home, deck, or garden, Perfect Pots is the place to go.

“We love to help you find the perfect combination of plants and colors for you,” added Laura. “We want customers to have success with what they choose.”

Using the above tips, and some extra love from the team at Perfect Pots, it’s a sure bet your garden can be flourishing and growing in no time.

Check out the Perfect Pots website to explore even more services offered. Plus, follow the team on Instagram and Facebook for up-to-date events, specials, and gardening tips.

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