First Look: Lancaster City Restaurant Week, March 4-10

Get ready for Lancaster City Restaurant Week with these specials!

Foodies, unite!

Mark your calendars for Lancaster City Restaurant Week – March 4-10, 2019.

There is a reason Lancaster City is becoming nationally known for the incredible lineup of restaurants making the community thrive with foodie favorites (Forbes named Lancaster a must-visit destination of 2019offMetro named it one of the Best Places To Visit On The East Coast in 2019). It’s all about the flavors!

Check out the preview below and get ready to savor and sip your way around the City.

Belvedere Inn. 

LEFT: Sprout of Rice & Noodles. RIGHT: The Bread Pedaler. 

Commonwealth On Queen. 

Details Behind The Deliciousness

Lancaster City Restaurant Week is your chance to try an assortment of top specials from all your favorite, and soon-to-be-favorite, restaurants & cafes in the City. From breakfast to dinner, and everything in between, each restaurant has feature dishes, multiple-course meals, and/or specials exclusive to the week!

“There is a lot of variety in our Lancaster City restaurants,” said Chris Trendler, Founder of Lancaster City Restaurant Week. “This special restaurant week shows the positive and collaborative food scene we have in the City.”

A collective drive for success makes is the foundation behind this growing food scene, and it will be on full display March 3-10.

“The collaboration and communication between restaurants in Lancaster City has really become part of the culture here,” added Chris.

“Participating in restaurant week is an excellent opportunity for us to get new customers to try our food,” said Chelsea Zawisa, Owner of new Lancaster bagel shop Harvest Moon Bagel—and first-time participant in Lancaster City Restaurant Week. “Since we are still a very new business not everyone may know about us yet or have had the chance to stop in, restaurant week is a great way to feature some of our signature menu items and let everyone know what we are all about.”

Cafe One Eight.

LEFT: Harvest Moon Bagel. RIGHT: Annie Bailey's. 

Rachel's Creperie. 

Find The Flavor: The Deals

There are many restaurants participating in this great event, with more being added to the mix so keep checking the website (find the most updated list here)! Deals for the week are available for $10, $20, $30, and $40—so there are many options for various lifestyles and budgets, whether you are stopping by for a quick lunch break or looking to enjoy a date night out.

“We love reaching new diners and offering a deal to our ‘regulars’,” said Rachael Reinmiller, Owner of Commonwealth On Queen. “Between the excitement of the new places and the established owners’ successes, there is never a dull moment!”

Get one of the favorite breakfast items at Commonwealth On Queen—like the Savory Breakfast Tart or the Breakfast Tacos—paired with a Signature Latte for only $10. Explore great lunch options at Rachel’s Creperie (we love the $20 two crepe and two cups of soup special), then get an incredible three course dinner deal at Belvedere Inn (don’t miss the Belvie Bread, Pomegranate Short Rib, and their delicious signature dessert assortment).

“I’m excited for Lancaster City Restaurant Week because it always brings in new faces, and its great to see the City restaurants come together to participate in something like this,” said Rachel Adams, Owner of Rachel’s Cafe & Creperie. “It really allows us all to ‘shine’! I think too often people forget just how many great restaurants exist downtown.”

There are so many special combos and deals at a variety of Downtown Lancaster staples such as Sprout, On Orange, Shot And Bottle (breakfast for dinner!), Cafe One Eight, Pour, Bistro Barberet & Bakery, Annie Bailey’s Irish Pub, and more. The list will continue to grow so keep checking the Lancaster City Restaurant Week website to keep up-to-date with all the newly added restaurants and menus!


Plan Your Week: Get Ready!

This is a restaurant showcase you don’t want to miss.

Don’t forget to follow Lancaster City Restaurant Week on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Make sure to post your food photos on social media as you explore and use hashtag #LCRW2019!

Find out more at to get ready for an impressive foodie tour you’ll not soon forget!

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