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Brought to you by High Foundation, you can find out more about their mission to be a Bridge to Opportunity for the Lancaster community at

Alisa Jones, President and CEO of Union Community Care, brings compassion and inspiration to healthcare. With over 20 years of experience, her dedication to serving the community and positively impacting people’s lives is evident.

“One of my favorite things is meeting people in the community who say, ‘I love my doctor; I love Union Community Care,’” Alisa shared. “I can’t go anywhere wearing the logo without someone stopping me to tell me how the service we’ve done has impacted them in a positive way.”

The healthcare leader has a deep and personal connection to her work. Alisa recalls her early encounters with health clinics growing up, waiting in line with her family before dawn to hopefully secure a spot to receive care. This experience of the indignity that working-class and low-income individuals often face in accessing healthcare fueled Alisa’s passion for working with health centers and addressing inequalities in the healthcare system.

“You want to know what drives me forward? Equity and healthcare. Making healthcare fairer is my North Star. It is my life’s goal and what I will continue to work towards,” she said.

When Alisa set out on a journey to become an effective leader, she pursued leadership classes and sought advice from experienced leaders who generously shared their insights.

“Leadership is a calling,” she mused. “It’s about getting people to see their potential. It’s helping them to see the window where they think there’s a wall. It’s helping them tap into their inner strength, their inner creativity, or their inner well of humanity, and reflecting back to them who they really are. You have to be present, genuinely care about people, and be in a spirit of service.”

Over time, she developed her leadership voice and style—believing leadership is primarily about serving others. She embraces the term “servant leader” and emphasizes the importance of making leadership about the team and the individuals she serves rather than herself. She appreciates the dedication and passion her team brings to their work, describing them as unapologetically fierce characters committed to providing high-quality care for everyone.

“Even though I appreciate the opportunity to be highlighted as an individual, great leadership is only the result of fantastic teamwork,” she stressed. “Union Community Care is able to do great things for the community because of a phenomenal team. I’m privileged to serve alongside them.”

Alisa’s commitment to equity in healthcare is an inspiring reminder of the importance of servant leadership as a guiding light for everyone who desires to be an effective leader in the community.

The Reach High series is introduces you to business and nonprofit leaders who are thoughtfully innovating with a spirit of servant leadership. Brought to you by High Foundation, you can find out more about their mission to be a Bridge to Opportunity for the Lancaster community at

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