Review: Fulton’s Chicago Sizzles, Shimmers

Check out Fulton's Chicago on the main stage!

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(Note: there are adult themes and content in this show)

Ready to “Razzle Dazzle”?

The Fulton Theater’s Chicago provides a sizzling escape from the winter cold where flappers, shysters, notoriety seekers, and murderesses all collide in an epic tale of celebrity, vengeance, corruption, and scandal.

From the moment it begins—with the band on shimmering, colorful 2-story multi-level towers high above the stage—the show marches on through glitzy, sensual numbers full of innuendo, wit, and danger.

The show was directed and choreographed by Marc Robin. For a full list of all the incredible directors, producers, cast, designers, and more, check out the website.

Here’s our review to explore—then get your tickets to experience this dazzling showcase!

Roxie performs a numberPhoto taken by Kinectiv. 

LEFT: Velma and Roxie. RIGHT: Mamma. - Photos taken by Kinectiv. 

Velma showcases her talents - Photo taken by Kinectiv. 

The story begins with Roxie Hart, played by Jessica Lee Goldyn, killing a secret lover and sending the tale into overdrive.

Jessica plays Roxie to sultry, ego-driven perfection—creating a perfect blend of starry-eyed aloofness and manipulative charm (the latter being used often to control her hopelessly-in-love husband Amos Hart, played endearingly by Randall Frizado). And Velma Kelly, played by Heather Parcells, gets the show rolling with classic hit “And All That Jazz” as she dances her way around the stage belting the popular tune.

Roxie quickly becomes entrapped in her own mistake and desperately looks to hot-shot lawyer Billy Flynn, played by Travis Taylor, who has a history of helping (and in his term, “loving”) a variety of starlets who have committed murder. The audience is introduced to many of the convicted killers in jail through provocative number “Cell Block Tango” that mixes sultry dancing with hilariously dark confessionals by each woman who committed a crime.

"Cell Block Tango" - Photo taken by Kinectiv. 

LEFT: Billy croons. RIGHT: Roxie and Amos share a moment - Photos taken by Kinectiv. 

Matron ‘Mama’ Morton, played by Tarra Conner Jones,, instantly makes herself known as a force to be reckoned with in powerful song “When You’re Good To Mama” clad in shimmering pink. She plays to the audience with ease, and receives large applause as she ends on, quite literally, a high note that concludes her swooning song.

Billy, the lawyer, enters the show cloaked in a perfectly gaudy fur coat highlighting his love for upscale riches, before descending into a sea of pink-feathered dancers in a dreamy sequence of love as he croons about his care for women (and not just physical, he swears it!).

One of the best entrances is by Mary Sunshine, played by D. Hoffer, when she descends from the top of the stage in a fantastic aerial triumph that brought out gasps in the audience. Golden lights danced around the walls as she captivated the audience with “A Little Bit Of Good”.

“We Both Reached For The Gun” is a well done song full of satire on how the justice system works (or doesn’t work), and Billy helps create a perfect narrative on how to bend the truth while trying to teach Roxie strategic deception.

Roxie stands out in her funny, sensual confessional song “Roxie” in a sparkling silver dress. She plays the part well, often moving from a variety of personality traits seamlessly all in the same scene—or same sentence. When she confidently sings about murder surrounded by a group of charming boys is a perfect example of how well this show creates a whirlwind of color and music backed by darkly comedic undertones.

Overall the music is fantastic—with each character showcasing an immense amount of depth and range with each song. “Me And My Baby” is a hilarious romp with Roxie, “Mister Cellophane” is a heartbreaking ballad featuring Amos, and, of course, “Razzle Dazzle” by Billy and the ensemble is full of golden ribbons, flashes of color, and lively beats.

The band is tremendous, towering above most of the action and providing the perfect backdrop for the vibrant story to unfold.

The show takes twists and turns in trying to figure out the best way to present Roxie’s case to the court, much to Velma’s dismay, ending in a fantastic court scene full of a kaleidoscope of colors and personalities, all clashing together in an epic finale.

Velma and Roxie shine - Photo taken by Kinectiv. 

The Fulton’s Chicago is a spectacularly scandalized showcase that dazzles thanks to a rockstar cast and sizzling music, further transporting the audience to the shining glamour of the roaring twenties.

Get your tickets and get ready to follow Velma and Roxie as they defy the odds in hopes to get away with murder—and gain celebrity status along the way.

Explore to find out more and browse ticket options! Get ready to razzle dazzle the winter blues away!

(Note: there are adult themes and content in this show)

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