S. Dale High Business For Good Series: Henrietta Heisler Interiors

Henrietta Heisler is a local business that puts community first.

Lancaster City is home to many wonderful businesses that make this city the special place that it is. Henrietta Heisler Interiors Inc is just one of those businesses that put the community first and focuses on helping—no matter how big or small the needs of the community may be.

We had the opportunity to interview Henrietta thanks to the S. Dale High Business for Good Series sponsored by the High Foundation. Henrietta’s interiors and design are a well-blended mix of classic and whimsical interiors that offers pops of color and other interesting design elements. Her creativity and designs alone sparked our interest and got us excited to sit down with her and hear about her business and what makes living in Lancaster great. 

Q: What does Business for Good mean to you?

A: It’s very important to give back to the community. I love Lancaster and am proud to be part of the progressive, cooperative city where work and play meet. Giving—no matter how big or small goes a long way. 

Q: What inspires/excites you about coming to work every day?

A: I have a wonderful team here and I love working with every one of my coworkers.  Each design project comes with its own complexity and personality which provides the opportunity to find a “new” best solution. We have great clients. It’s so rewarding to create positive changes in people’s lives through design. Having a well-designed space is exceptionally helpful for productivity and happiness. It makes a world of difference to live or work in a space that brings you joy. We know we help people, and we have a lot of fun working with our clients as well as colors, shapes, textures, and problem-solving. Interior design is a pretty cool career.”

Q: What has been one of your biggest challenges, and how did you overcome it?

A: Starting my business from scratch was definitely a challenge. Four of us worked out of a small room for a long time until the 2008 crash—then it was just me and my part-time bookkeeper. I was raising two young boys by myself at that time. I worked constantly to keep my business from failing. Everything eventually turned out really well, but it was a tough road and worth the struggle. 

Q: How does it make you feel when you accomplish a goal?

A: It feels wonderful! I have a mug that says “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” Each small success will always get you closer to the next success! 

Q: In what ways does your company exemplify innovation?

A: We design new ways of doing things all the time. Not every design problem has an immediate solution—a lot of planning and creativity is needed. We find new ways to look at particular design problems and ultimately this drives the final outcome. Everyone learns about new products and new approaches along the way.  

Q: How does your company exhibit integrity and trust?

A: We’re very transparent and honest with our clients and each other. If you don’t build your business on integrity and trust, you won’t have a business. It’s critical to the health of your organization whether it is your business or family. Being ethical transcends generations. 

Q: Why did you choose to locate your business in Lancaster?

A: I’ve lived in Lancaster for 33 years. When I decided to pursue Interior Design as a career, I went to PCAD, graduated, and was hired by a local architecture company. By the time I started my own business, I had made a lot of connections and friends—and had fallen in love with Lancaster. I’m so lucky to be a part of the community and to help in the creation of well-designed spaces. It’s such a wonderful place to live. 

Q: Speaking of Lancaster, What is your role in 101NQ?

A: Our initial role was in fixing the floorplans, creating a selection book for materials, and coordination. We are also working with each individual buyer to help with their final selections. Working with David Martens of Zamagais Properties, Warfel Construction Company, and Anne Lusk & Associates is a gift. It’s been incredible to work with one of the most innovative projects in the area. The old building was an eyesore for so long! 101NQ is creating fabulous office space, retail stores, and residential units. It went from being awful to awesome. 

Q: What do people need to know about the city of Lancaster?

A: I always say that I think Lancaster is one of the best-kept secrets on the East Coast, but I think the secret is out—people know! It’s such an amazing place. We have theatre, music, art, food, events, and rooftop bars. It’s big city living with a small-town feel. People are kind, hardworking, and willing to help. Who wouldn’t want to live here? 

Q: High industries was founded by two main values, innovation and serving their customers well, which became known as the High Way. What does this mean to you? 

A: First of all, I love that they call it the High Way. Highways provide an opportunity to move people and things and facilitate change. Highways are fast in delivering progress. We are involved in positive ways that bring change and innovation to our clients as well. High Industries has set the bar for innovation and serving the Lancaster community. We are lucky to have their leadership. 

Q: In what way does your company incorporate these practices?

A: We worked with High Industries at the Crossings at Conestoga Creek. It was a wonderful project. All of the work we’ve both been doing highlights the needs of the people moving into the Lancaster area. We work closely with our clients, listening to them and discerning their needs to provide custom solutions that are truly fufilling. Seeking the best and most innovative solutions for our clients leads to advancement for everyone to grow. 

Q: What do you think the future of Lancaster holds?

A: The future of Lancaster has to be great. It’s such an amazing place to live and play. I only see the city growing and growing. There is so much going on, and we’re attracting people to center city more than ever. I love that we have a ton of culture and every new person brings to the community something we didn’t have before. Lancaster is truly a treasure. I’m so excited for all the new opportunities like the Rooftop bar—The Exchange, Ewell Plaza, and the future Lancaster Public Library. Added to what we already have, we’re going to attract people from coast to coast. 

The High Foundation’s mission is to align with community organizations to support positive change within areas of identified need. With deep roots in Lancaster, the Foundation is committed to the community’s growth and vitality. Throughout this year, we will be highlighting local businesses that exemplify these values and are examples of how a values-driven mindset, collaboration, and hard work can change a community.

Be on the lookout for more from the S. Dale High Business For Good series!

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