Social Mission Partner: SWAN

We are thrilled to introduce our 2019 Social Mission Partner: SWAN

At Fig, we believe in the power of a community that works together to identify needs and find solutions—one that creates connections and is passionate about helping its neighbors. Because of this, the Social Mission Partner Program began. Each year Fig partners with a nonprofit organization working to transform the community. This year we are partnering with SWAN: Scaling Walls A Note At A Time. We had a Q&A with Diana Vuolo, Founder & Executive Director of SWAN, to learn more about this impactful mission.

On any given day in Lancaster, it is estimated that 4,600 children have a parent or parents in prison. Sadly, when a parent goes to prison, their children often suffer physically, mentally, and emotionally. They may experience the trauma of separation and abandonment, as well as homelessness, and continued or deepening poverty. This often results in behavioral issues and substandard academic performance. These children are often invisible, sometimes by choice. They suffer in silence, due to the stigma that surrounds them and the absence of relevant supports.

SWAN stands for “Scaling Walls a Note at a Time”. We are a support group for children affected by parental incarceration and provide free music lessons, ensemble training, performance opportunities, and mentoring. Our goal is to empower children by helping them to use their talents to succeed.

Research underscores the importance of music on academics as it improves focus, sharpens reasoning skills, and raises IQ levels. Music helps us physically as it relieves stress. It also increases our emotional intelligence as we become in tune with our emotions and learn to express them creatively. Socially, we become more aware. Music trains us to listen to others around us. We also learn to present ourselves in performance and to work as a team when we are in an ensemble. The disciplines that are strengthened such as courage, determination, creativity, and perseverance are skills that will benefit our students throughout their lives.

Please join us in supporting this inspirational organization with your time, talents, and gifts. Learn more at

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