Solvit Academy instills sense of adventure through Quests

How do you deliver hands-on, real-world skills, in a way that motivates learners and satisfies the academic requirements still demanded (at least for now) for college admission? The answer: Quests.

How do you deliver hands-on, real-world skills, in a way that motivates learners and prepares them for life? The answer: Quests.

At Solvit Academy, hands-on learning is prioritized through afternoon collaborative work called “Quests.” The goal is to create a sense of adventure around learning. 

"This model allows children to learn authentically through hands-on projects. We love that [our daughter] is learning skills that are transferable to her life, not just rote memorization. She is working at her own pace and finding joy in the process. We couldn't be happier for her and our family!" — Solvit Academy parent 

Solvit Academy structures its calendar around 6-week hands-on projects where learners—otherwise known as Voyagers—engage in a series of interdisciplinary challenges tied together by a common theme. Guides take a series of real-world questions and tie them together with individual and team-based incentives making learning feel like a game. Each quest includes a compelling narrative, where you feel as if the fate of the world rests in your hands and the sessions end with a high-stakes demonstration performed by the learners for parents. 


The best Quests measure and track outcomes in a way that mirrors the real world. For example, if learners are tasked with building a bridge, they will explore how costs are calculated based on the time and materials consumed. Quests are centered around anything from coding and robotics to pollution and recycling. Learners are encouraged to embody the projects they are working on by role playing the real-life characters while asking questions and thinking through problems that have real-world implications. What is more fun than being a detective or an astronaut solving complex problems?

By engaging in Quests, Solvit’s learners engage with topics like behavior economics, entrepreneurship, and even rocket chemistry, asking questions about which chemical reactions create the most explosive power or how a city can build an efficient electricity grid. 

Solvit Academy is equipping its learners to tackle real-world challenges with confidence and critical thinking. Learn more about Solvit Academy and schedule a tour at

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