This Is How We Roll: Unique Ice Cream You Have To Try

Discover Rolled Cold Creamery, fresh and unique ice cream shop in Lancaster.

Rolled, cold, and absolutely delicious—this isn’t your typical ice cream treat, this is an experience.

Rolled Cold Creamery opened it’s doors late 2017 and changed the way our community sees this frosty dessert staple. By quick freezing freshly made cream and utilizing their signature rolled ice cream process, the team at Rolled Cold know how to craft a treat perfect for a hot summer day or cozy evening.

We chatted with owner Dante DiCamillo and took a sneak peek into the incredible process behind this local shop!

Sweet Selections: The Menu

“I truly believe that every thing you do in life should be done to the very best of your ability. This would include making ice cream,” said Dante DiCamillo, owner of Rolled Cold Creamery. He wanted to open a shop that aligned closely with celebrating life’s adventures and vitality. “I’m a believer that everything you do in every moment of your life should be an experience. Therefore, It only makes sense that dessert should be a special experience as well.”

At Rolled Cold, customers can choose from a huge menu full of delicious flavors. You can explore The Originals—flavors that are consistently featured at the shop like Chocolate Brownie (a best seller!), Blueberry, Peanut Butter Cup, Cookies and Cream, Caramel Pretzel, Mint Chocolate Chip, and more. Plus, there are seasonal flavors rotating throughout the menu.

You can pick a flavor, or choose a custom flavor by picking a specific cream, mix-in, topping, and sauce. And don’t forget your dish choices! In addition to standard cups, there are waffle cone shells (with a vegan option!).

Though ice cream is at the forefront, there is an entire menu of other options too.

“We also offer locally roasted coffee from New Holland Coffee Company, locally sourced sandwiches and wraps from Stoltzfus Meats, Frosted cider made fresh in house from the famous Kauffman’s Fruit farm, and beginning in July, we will be offering a wide range of fresh smoothies as well,” said Dante. “We also offer Vegan options for ice cream and smoothies.”

As for new upcoming options, Dante said some sweet summer flavors are on the horizon—so be on the lookout!

"I truly believe that every thing you do in life should be done to the very best of your ability."

Behind The Kitchen Doors

This is Dante’s first venture into the food business, and he’s enjoying every moment. It starts with a passion, and then goes from there.

“The most important thing about pursuing a company in the restaurant industry is that you have to believe in your product and you have to be willing to put yourself in it,” said Dante. “If you don’t believe in what you create, how can anyone else?”

Dante and his team, with the help of his girlfriend who develops many of the flavors, channels this belief into creating something truly innovative.

“We try to think outside of the box, like adding an actual cupcake, cookie, or brownie to the recipe,” said Dante. “Using fresh, locally baked goods really sets us apart as an ice cream company.”

He has fond memories of food being something people connect around—and he wants to encourage that at Rolled Cold.

“Growing up, my mother cooked meals every single day. Every night, my family would gather around to a home cooked dinner,” added Dante. “This really was always one of the daily special times that I looked forward to.”

LEFT: Mixed Berry Ice Cream. RIGHT: Cupcake Ice Cream. 

Dicing, smashing, mixing. 

Spreading to help freeze the cream.

It’s Not Just Dessert, It’s An Experience

The moment you walk into Rolled Cold, you know it’s something special. There is an entire work station spanning the front bar where you can watch each dessert treat be crafted in front of your eyes.

“There are three aspects to what makes rolled ice cream at Rolled Cold Creamery so special,” said Dante. “First is the fact that at Rolled Cold Creamery, all of our ice cream is made fresh on the spot. Our custom sweet cream and milk base is made fresh every single day. This gives our ice cream a rich, homemade taste. Second, with ice cream like this, you will get unique flavors in unique ways you could never get in traditional ice cream. The customization factor adds a whole new dynamic. Third, is the presentation. This is the part that intrigues so many people—that you can roll ice cream and it can taste amazing.”

Watching this whole process from start to finish is mesmerizing—and perfect for photos!

Let it roll!

"Our custom sweet cream and milk base is made fresh every single day. This gives our ice cream a rich, homemade taste."

Each roll is meticulously placed in the dish. 

Plan Your Visit

We can’t get enough of this ice cream shop. Not only is the process amazing to watch, the ice cream tastes fantastic.

Here’s our quick review guide:

  • Location: Rolled Cold Creamery is at 24 East Orange Street, Lancaster PA.
  • Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday/Saturday 11am-11pm, closed Sunday.
  • Menu: Freshly made rolled ice cream, sandwiches, coffee, and smoothies.
  • More Info: Check out the website. 

Dante is excited to be part of the ever-growing renaissance of the Lancaster City food scene.

“There are a lot of things that drew me to Lancaster,” said Dante. “One is the small business camaraderie that exists in the city as well as the suburbs around it. Another is the fact that there are so many different option of unique foods and other businesses created by people who truly invest themselves into their product. It’s exciting. It makes you want to be a part of the process.”

Dante offered his motto when it comes to  how he keeps innovating and thriving.

“Create something you can be proud about,” said Dante. “And care about people.”

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