Top 10 Things To Do On A Bike In Lancaster

Experience Bike It! in Lancaster City.

Bike It Lancaster is the new bike share program now offered in Lancaster City. It’s a great way to explore Lancaster, get exercise, and navigate all the fantastic places in the City.

Since April 23, the system has been used for 303 trips by 180 members. One rider had over 40 rides! There are bike stations placed all around the City. Download the app, and start riding! Some of the busiest stations are at Rotary Park, College Square, W. King St., S. Duke, Amtrak, and N. Duke St.

Here’s 10 things to do on a bike in Lancaster. Also, find out more about Bike It Lancaster on the website and get ready to explore!

1- Bike to Central Market

Central Market is the perfect destination for a bike ride. Discover fresh produce, desserts, prepared foods, gifts, jellies, coffee, meats & cheeses, flowers, and more. What could be better than grabbing an iced tea and a freshly-made donut on a breezy afternoon?

2- Hit Up A Park for a Picnic

There’s no shortage of parks in the City. Buchanan Park, Musser Park, Binns Park—there are so many places ready for a proper picnic. Bike to Central Market, Freinschaft Market, Lemon Street Market, or one of your other favorite local food stands, and then have the perfect picnic under the summer sun.

3- Exercise in the Outdoors

Bike rides are some of the best forms of exercise. Plus, you can experience fresh air, get to explore the City, and consistently discover new destinations all while getting fit, feeling good, and working on wellness. There are a variety of biking routes you can take. Go on a few laps around near the square, or venture towards the West End near Franklin & Marshall College. Whether you are a professional rider or just a beginner, the options are endless!

4- Shop, shop, shop!

Lancaster City is full of boutiques and shops with great locally-sourced, handmade, and artisan finds. Bike to Ellicott & Co.or Bellaboo for some local gifts. Explore the 300 block of North Queen Street to visit Sophie Stargazer, Building Character, and Nicole Taylor Boutique. Check out what new seasonings are offered at The Lancaster Spice & Tea Exchange, then zip over to Festoon to browse great new accessories and styles.

5- Bike to a Barnstormers Game

The Lancaster Barnstormers just kicked off their 2018 baseball season! We love the summer atmosphere at a game, where food, good beer, and family fun is aplenty. Check out the game lineup this season and make sure to bike to one (we love the games with closing fireworks). There’s nothing like a baseball game to welcome the nice weather!

6- Hit the Hills of SoWe

There’s just something about viewing the beauty of the City from a bike. If you’re looking to explore some great views, while getting a a good workout, hit the hills of South West Lancaster (lovingly called “SoWe”). There is a unique blend of murals, natural beauty, and gorgeous architecture. Make sure to snap some photos on your way through.

7- Grab Your Morning Coffee

The Lancaster coffee scene is epic. Nationally-renowned coffee spots like Passenger Coffee, and favorites like Mean Cup, Square One, and Lancaster County Coffee Roasters make Lancaster City a hub of some of the best brews around. Bike to the many coffee shops all around town and pick your favorite!

8- Visit the Library

A breezy bike ride and a good book. Sign us up! Visit Lancaster Public Library on 125 North DukeSstreet, grab a new read (or choose your classic favorite) and head to a park. Some of the best adventures are found within the pages of a good book—and biking to the library is exactly what relaxing weekends are made for.

9- Explore The Arts

We love Gallery Row and the Lancaster City arts scene. What better way to explore all it has to offer than with a bike? Head down Prince Street to discover the many galleries like Christiane David and Freeman Stoltzfus Art Gallery. Venture towards Water Street to hit up Friendship Heart Gallery before zipping up King Street and exploring Gallery of Modern Masters. There is no shortage of beautiful work being displayed all around town.

10- Bike to Long’s Park Amphitheater Summer Music Series

One of our favorite events during the summer season is the Long’s Park Amphitheater Summer Music Series. Each Sunday during the summer, Long’s Park hosts a band at the Long’s Park Amphitheater. There are food trucks, activities, and—of course—open fields for the perfect viewing spot for all entertainment. Plus, biking around the pond and through the trails is an added bonus, too.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a bike, and hit the streets! Visit Bike It Lancaster online to get started.

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