What’s your Lancaster Central Market story?

Everybody has a Central Market story. What's yours?

Lancaster Central Market—the country’s oldest continuously operated public farmers’ market is a place where memories are made, recipes perfected, treats shared, and stories cultivated.

Since 1730, there have been thousands and thousands of lives impacted by this beautiful old world market downtown—from chefs and standholders, to local shoppers and visiting tourists. More than 60 local vendors call the beautiful 1889 Market House home three days each week, when it opens its doors to welcome the surrounding community.

Central Market is getting ready to spotlight these incredible stories within the community with their new campaign!

“At its core, the goal is to simply share a sampling of the honest-to-goodness stories of what Market means to members within our community, so as to encourage others to continue, or begin, shaping their own,” said Elyse Pollak, Manager of Communications at Central Market Trust. “Something as seemingly mundane as grocery shopping can be a more connected experience. And whether that connection is with a uniquely historic building; or with their grower, maker, or baker; or with the environment in which they live, they, too, can create their own Market story.”

The first story features Matt Russell—an avid Central Market fan, and a local business owner (of Horse Inn Lancaster) who was eager to share his story about Market with Elyse.

Fig Lancaster is excited to come alongside Central Market in helping to promote this new campaign—and in a few weeks, the Fig Industries team will be sharing their own Market stories (along with their favorite Market finds!).

It’s a place that truly encompasses community.

“Celebrating locality when shopping instills a sense of pride in everyone involved,” added Elyse. “A sense of pride for the shop owner that they’re able to provide for their community in a meaningful way, and a sense of pride for the buyer that they’re able to support the livelihood or dream of a fellow community member. That pride emanates, and creates an even stronger sense of community.”

Elyse is excited to spotlight Market Stories featuring a range of shoppers and guests.

“There will be so many great stories to showcase,” said Elyse. “But I think I’m most excited to share Standholder stories, particularly a peek or two behind the scenes on days in between Market to shine a light on how they do what they do.”

She also appreciates what Market means to so many people, since she personally has many stories of the destination as well.

“I find it hard to define my Market story because it is made up of a few tiny Market stories,” said Elyse. “Like the first time Mr. Kauffman recognized me when buying apples or the first time Aaron at Mean Cup gave me my hot cocoa without even having verbalized its order. It is just this sense of familiarity that makes it a special place for me. Plus, I just really love the building and its ambient energy, especially on days when light shines through the dormers and illuminates the ceiling.”

Don’t miss these stories as they are featured on the new Lancaster Central Market website! Keeping checking  as new stories are unveiled throughout the Summer and into Fall. And make sure to keep checking FigLancaster.com as we feature the Fig team sharing their own Market stories!

“It’s so important to uplift and encourage local shopping,” said Elyse. “Especially for a place like Market—whose motto since 1730 has been sustainability, shopping locally—from producer to consumer, repeat. Shopping locally is the ultimate celebration of sustainability.”

Read more about this new Central Market campaign and discover the first story on Matt from Horse Inn Lancaster on April 11 by visiting the Lancaster Central Market website.

What’s your Market story?

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