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Conestoga Eye’s mission is to provide unparalleled eye care for adults and children in a caring and comfortable environment. With a patient-centered and community-minded approach, Conestoga Eye continually strives to reimagine, streamline, and develop the most efficient ways to deliver care.

They continually invest in their dedicated staff by providing support for training and research whilst giving back to the community through their school based KinderSee Clinic in Lancaster City and missions trips to Ecuador. Conestoga Eye’s ophthalmologists and optometrists provide quality medical, cosmetic, and routine eye care. Upon evaluation of an eye issue, if they are unable to diagnose or treat the issue, Conestoga Eye’s team will refer you to one of many outstanding partners.


Started in Lancaster in 1994 and totally reimagined in 2015


13 knowledgeable team members, including
David I. Silbert, MD, FAAP
Nora Siegal, MD, PhD
Hayley Woodall, OD

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