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    Fresh Face: Gallery of Modern Masters

    Zach Richardson graduated from Franklin & Marshall college in 1977 with a major in Geology. He flew jets in the Navy which led to a highly diverse business career, and landed him in Arizona opening an art gallery 12 years ago as a hobby. Thirty-seven years later, when college touring with his son brought him back to his alma mater, he was impressed with the changes at the college and Lancaster and eager to get involved.


    Zach joined the F&M Alumni Association Board with the intent of finding ways to engage alumni, like himself, who had lost touch with the college after graduation. Struck by the art community and art appreciation
    in Lancaster, an idea was born.


    “Starting an art gallery in Lancaster seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring alumni and students together in a unique learning environment. Presenting an opportunity where alumni could share their wealth of skills and experiences with students in a business environment appeared to be a great vehicle to reconnect ‘lost’ alumni. At the same time, it offers
    a virtually unlimited resource for students. In addition, having students connect with alumni while still in college creates a recognized support system for graduates as they venture from college. This connection forms a powerful bond to F&M that will create strong future alumni to support the college.”


    The Gallery of Modern Masters will be Lancaster’s newest destination gallery. The business is owned and operated by F&M alumni and students and will represent artists from around the globe as well as provide an opportunity for college students to show their art. This summer F&M held its first class related to the gallery—a Lancaster marketing case study. Zach sees the gallery as a place to connect the community to art from around the world while connecting the community to the college and  alumni to students.


    The Gallery of Modern Masters will foster connections and inspire learning across generations, cultures, and continents the way only art can.