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The online Fig calendar is a curated list of community and advertiser events happening in downtown Lancaster.

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    Murray: Lancastrians supporting Lancastrians

    Preparation and security are two facets of daily life many of us should regularly think about but often forget to. At Murray, their goal is to provide smart solutions in insurance, risk management, wealth management, health benefits, and third-party administration to folks from every background and walk of life.

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    Giving Back: Keisha Finnie

    Artist Keisha Finnie has something to say. With her paintbrush as a bullhorn, she shares her voice in vibrant colors that saturate canvases and walls, coloring new life across the streets of Lancaster where she grew up.

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    Horizon: Local Non-Profit Changing Lives Around the World

    Thanks to the work by Horizon: Empower the Orphaned, a local non-profit headquartered right here in Lancaster City, vulnerable children around the world are given the chance to experience love, belonging, family, and find their identity - things many of us take for granted as we buzz around in our busy lives.

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    Willow Valley Communities: From Our Kitchen to Yours

    From Our Kitchen to Yours is a series of educational and entertaining cooking videos featuring recipes from Willow Valley Communities’ professional chefs. With a total of nine different chefs, each having his or her own unique background, expertise, and style, the residents there are certainly in for a treat by learning new recipes and trying new dishes at home.

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    Eliance Health Solutions: Modernizing Lancaster Business Health Coverage

    You wouldn’t willingly choose a family doctor that’s impossible to get ahold of and you surely wouldn’t trek to your physician’s office if it required a plane ride to get there. Why should finding the right health plan for your business be just as inconvenient?

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    Lancaster General Health Foundation to host 22nd Wine Heart Gala

    Multiple studies have shown that wine offers heart-healthy benefits. The LG Health Foundation wants the community to know that participating in the 2020 Wine Heart Gala benefits cardiovascular care right here in Lancaster County.

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    Greenfield: A Center for Community

    Community-centric organizations and individuals are increasingly and positively impacting the world where we live, work, learn and play. In Lancaster County, this statement couldn’t be any truer. Greenfield, formerly known as the Greenfield Corporate Center, recently underwent an organizational rebrand and refresh that not only includes an updated logo but an updated calling and purpose.

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    Steadfast Commitment to Community

    While the team at LCSWMA recognizes that trash isn’t the first (or maybe even last) thing on your mind these days; thier working hard to ensure that what happens to your waste is something you don’t have to worry about.  

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    Velocity is going Virtual: Enjoy & Support Our City!

    Velocity showcases the very best that the City of Lancaster has to offer. Our art, culture, food, drinks, and fashion come together in one event to celebrate this vibrant City. This year will feature a virtual fashion show from some of the most popular shops and boutiques in the City.

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    Hometown Heritage – Dutch Gold Honey

    Cave paintings in Europe indicate that more than 8,000 years ago, Mesolithic humans collected honey from beehives using a system of ropes and ladders.

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    Hometown Heritage – S. Clyde Weaver

    Celebrating the tastes of Lancaster County for 100 Years.

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    Hometown Heritage – Hammond’s

    Many may remember the year 1931 as the year that the US faced the Great Depression. For the Hammond family, it was a year of rebirth.

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