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    Fresh Face: Marotta/Main Architects

    The innovative team at Marotta/Main Architects has always felt a strong connection to downtown Lancaster. Their team finds inspiration in the history and architecture of the ever-evolving cityscape and its residents. When they outgrew their Old Town location, the team was excited for the opportunity to invest in another downtown property that would better suit the needs of their business and clients.


    Their new building at 214 North Duke Street has been beautifully transformed from warehouse space to studio, design, and conference space. The newly renovated building boasts a tremendous open work area for the entire team, allowing the technical and design staff to collaborate effectively on each project.


    The architectural industry is often credited with being forefront in the “Makers Movement”, but the team at Marotta/Main sees their clients as the true makers. They take pride in bringing the dreams, visions, and needs of their clients to fruition through architectural design, innovative problem solving, and respectful restorations. What sets Marotta/Main apart from other architectural firms isn’t a specific “style” of building or architecture. Rather, it is the ability to respond to the unique needs of their clients and design thoughtful, beautiful spaces.


    “Ultimately, we feel great about a project when our clients feel ownership over the space because they were a big part of the process.”