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    BSSF Local Brew Tour: Our Town Brewery

    The craft beer movement has been sweeping across the country, led by a desire for high quality flavors and an urge to support local economies and communities. Lancaster City is no exception, and BSSF wanted to showcase some of the unique local breweries with a sponsored series called BSSF Local Brew Tour that will appear in each issue of Fig. Cheers!

    The future location of the brewery and some delicious menu items!

    For childhood best friends Rob Tarves and Rob Patz, Our Town Brewery is the fulfillment of a childhood dream. These co-founders have known each other since they were five years old. They grew up together, attended Penn State together, and got their first post-college jobs together, too. The choice to work at a local brewery after graduation was part of their long-term plan: learn the brewing business inside and out.


    After almost a decade learning the business throughout Lancaster and Philadelphia, their dream has come to fruition with the opening of OurTown Brewery. Their beer program will focus on freshness and high quality ingredients with an ever-evolving tap list. The food is designed to pair well with the beer. But that doesn’t mean you’ll find typical brewpub fare like wings and burgers on the menu. Think: seasonal salads, homemade soup, veggie flatbreads, and light sandwiches. In their travels and work at a variety of successful breweries, Tarves and Patz noticed the most enjoyable meals they had were on the lighter side, which paired well with fresh local beer. Plus, it freed up room for one more!


    Follow the Robs on Instagram @ourtownbrewery and when you stop by be sure to say hello. They plan to be there every day, enjoying the new reality that has been a dream for so long.


    This feature is sponsored by BSSF. Committed to their profession and to their community, BSSF is proud to support Lancaster County breweries, small and large, who are shaping the impact that the craft beverage industry has on the future of this county. BSSF is your premier advisory firm for accounting, assurance, tax, and consulting services. BSSF.COM