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    Lancaster Family Leading the Way in Car Buying Innovation

    The next innovative automotive retailer isn’t in Silicon Valley, they’re right here in Lancaster County. Headquartered just outside of Lancaster City on Manheim Pike, Accel Auto is a transformative car company that combines the best elements of online car shopping with the care and customer service of a traditional dealership. By bringing together the most optimal aspects of both types of car buying experiences, Accel Auto provides a service unparalleled in the industry; all in the hopes of helping their customers save time, save money, and drive happy.


    Founded and operated by the Melamed Family, Accel Auto is leading the charge on the newest wave of innovative car buying experiences. Brothers Zach & Noah Melamed, raised in Manheim Township, had been formulating and brainstorming the Accel Auto concept for years. Noah, the current President of the Pennsylvania Independent Automotive Dealers Association (PIADA), has spent most of his career developing and operating his family’s Lancaster dealership. Zach, who spent much of his career in Silicon Valley working with some of the largest tech companies in America, returned home to Lancaster to work with his brother in bringing their dream to life. Zach and Noah’s mother Beth, who has owned and operated multiple new car franchises, independent dealerships, and had been named Pennsylvania Independent Auto Dealer of The Year in 2017, was immediately sold on the innovative concept and teamed up with her two sons in the business.

    In March of this year, Accel Auto hit the ground running. With an extensive inventory established and an intuitive website developed, Accel Auto was open for business. By sourcing vehicles from all over the country, Accel Auto provides an extensive catalog of high-quality used vehicles while maintaining a focus on keeping costs below KBB value. If you can’t find the car you’re looking for, Accel Auto’s concierge service will cue their team to find the exact vehicle you are looking for at no additional cost. Just tell them the car you are looking for and the team at Accel Auto will find it at the best price. With a team of ASE certified technicians, and experts in reconditioning and detailing, you can rest assured knowing that all of Accel’s vehicles are professionally serviced and fine-tuned before they’re listed and out on the road.


    Even since opening in March of this year, Accel Auto has been growing tremendously by attracting customers from all over the United States. At its core, Accel Auto puts their customers in the driver’s seat of purchasing a vehicle by removing the cumbersome experience of going to a dealership and by adding the convenience of shopping online with real-person customer support. For decades, car buying was such a hassle. It took significant amounts of time to find the right deal. With customers coming in from both urban and rural areas, it’s clear that the online platform tailored with outstanding customer support is a recipe for success.


    Accel Auto makes the car buying experience as simple as possible and in a way that is totally transparent and honest. They bring the convenience of online shopping with the care of real-time customer service. Learn more about Accel Auto and browse their inventory by visiting