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    Lombardo’s Mangiare at Home

    Lombardo’s long-anticipated reopening last month did not come without sacrifice: after nearly a year of closure and more than $2 million dollars in renovations, the revival of this 75-year old establishment and historical relic was truly a study in preserving family legacy. Sam Lombardo, who acquired the restaurant back in 2018, made this pursuit his top priority–while remodeling the space was important, it was even more so that his family’s history remained a central pillar to the restaurant’s operation and ambiance.


    It should come as no surprise, then, that Sam has voluntarily chosen to close Lombardo’s dining room doors after only a few short weeks in response to the ever-unpredictable COVID-19 pandemic. To him, and to everyone at Lombardo’s , this decision was right in line with the family ethos; the very values that have kept them in business for generations.


    “We're looking at 75 years of current longevity,” Sam explains, “And we're hoping that we continue this legacy for another 75. We must prioritize the health of our staff and customers.”

    But the future is still bright for Lombardo’s , whose track record of resilience continues to be proven through the launch of their new takeout program, “Lombardo’s Mangiare at Home”. Now, Lancastrians can safely enjoy authentic Lombardo family recipes, like Neapolitan Lasagna and Trio Formaggio Pizza, from the comfort of their own dining rooms.


    Folks can also recreate the full Lombardo’s experience by pairing their meals with a bottle of to-go wine, setting the table like Sunday supper, and gathering the family to sit down and eat. Sam believes that while difficult, these times offer an opportunity to reconnect and establish new traditions. In his household, these special moments were always centered around a home-cooked meal–“Followed by watching a sports game and a nap,” he shares with a chuckle.


    Keeping family in mind, the team at Lombardo’s is taking great precaution to ensure that every takeout order that exits their door has been handled safely. Extra hand-washing and sanitizing stations have already been installed in the restaurant, masks are worn by staff conscientiously and without exception, and as more technology becomes available further preventative safety measures are guaranteed to be implemented.


    “This is the right thing to do,” says Sam with complete confidence, and the inherited pride of three upstanding generations before him.


    In need of a little home-cooked comfort and a bottle of vino to pair? View Lombardo’s takeout menu at and call (717) 394-3749 to place your order today.