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    Fresh Face: Nourish Salon & Blow Dry Suite

    Markiana Polite became a hair stylist in 2003 but for the last seven years she has been working towards, planning and nurturing a dream for a deeper and more nourishing experience for the women of Lancaster. From this dream, Nourish Salon and Blow Dry Suite was born.


    Located at 128 E Grant St. Suite 301, in the heart of the city she loves, Markiana and her staff are able to offer a restorative tailored experience to their clients. With completely customized attention and individualized options, the Nourish Salon brings the bespoke, boutique experience to hair care.



    Anaijah, Markiana's daughter and salon assistant 


    Specializing in organic treatments, hair baths and masks, healthy hair blowouts and valuing the health and well-being of their whole client, inspires Markiana and her team of “hair nurturers” to spend individualized time getting to know the women in the chair as well as their hair.


    “Our purpose is not only to nurture and maintain healthy hair but to nurture and nourish the hearts of the women we serve” Markiana says. The Nourish Salon and Blow Dry Suite also takes pride in nurturing the environment through their hair care choices. The intentional choice towards going green and choosing companies who care about our impact on the oceans and environment is all part of the mission to nourish deeply.


    The team at Nourish is experienced in all textures of hair and dedicated to providing a restorative and restful experience. This inclusive and nourishing vibe attracts women of style from every walk of life. The diversity in the clientele adds to the welcoming energy and warmth of the connection that is signature to the Nourish experience.


    To find out more information visit their website at