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    Fresh Face: Furdunkin

    Furdunkin founders/spouses Kristy Bledsoe and Jennifer Hufnagle are on a mission: they want to make pet care more compassionate, ethical, and personal—they want to revolutionize veterinary medicine.


    This ambition was born out of personal experience for Jennifer, who had initially pursued a career in the veterinary industry to make the world a better place for pets…but the corporatization of veterinary medicine meant her passion for animal advocacy often took a back seat in favor of profit.


    Luckily, using Kristy’s expertise as a director of client experience & innovation insights, this powerhouse couple had a plan to change the game. They’d open a veterinary hospital, put it on wheels, and bring it to the homes of their clients. Most importantly, they’d keep it totally pet centered, with a strong foundation of ethics.


    “We are pet owners, first and foremost,” says Kristy. “Our own pets have touched us in very unique and special ways, so we wanted to not only deliver top notch medicine, but also a level of compassion and personalization that was really lacking in the industry.”


    Furdunkin’s mobile service was launched in September 2019. “We decided not to do tail cropping, ear docking, declawing, or see breeders,” explains Kristy. “We wanted to change the standard.”


    That’s why, in addition to employing two of the county’s best vets, Jaime Morey and Ashley Ramsey, Furdunkin offers four weeks vacation, 12 weeks paid maternity leave, and livable wages for vet techs.


    It’s fair to say Furdunkin has been well received among Lancastrians; in March 2021, the team expanded their business, opening an urgent care & surgical center on North Charlotte street to serve pets’ more complex and emergency needs.


    But locals need not worry: Furdunkin’s convenient mobile services aren’t going anywhere. “We will always have them available, with a fleet of vehicles servicing the county,” says Kristy.


    In addition to being the very first veterinary urgent care to ever be offered in Lancaster County, Furdunkin has already established multiple charitable collaborations with local rescues. Indeed, through their actions, Kristy and Jennifer have made it obvious that love is at the core of everything they do. “The pets we care for aren’t just a line item…they’re our passion,” Kristy affirms.


    You can find out more about Furdunkin’s affordable and ethical pet care at