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    Fresh Face: Wyndridge Cider

    Wyndridge Farm, the York, Pennsylvania cidery and brewery specializing in craft beverages since 2013, has expanded to Lancaster. Located on 398 Harrisburg Pike, Wyndridge Tasting Room is a bar and retail space showcasing the Wyndridge brand’s family of products.


    The first floor is the business’ retail space, which features a varied carryout selection of canned and bottled beverages produced by its affiliated brands: Winding Path Brewing Co. and Wyndridge Cider Co. The business also shares retail space with a sister company, Groff North America, which focuses on cannabis health products.


    The store’s second floor boasts a full-service bar where customers are able to sample and enjoy a robust beer and cider menu. Jason Reese, Wyndridge Farm’s CEO and a proud Lancaster native, credits several major players for the business’ pathway to success.


    There’s Dr. Steven Groff, the founder of Wyndridge Farm (as well as Groff North America), whose forward thinking afforded Jason an opportunity to expand the scope of the business. Jason says: “We plan to continue innovating this space in particular and will likely add some excellent new products to our growing lineup this year.”

    On the beverage front, Scott Topel, Wyndridge Farm’s head cider maker, has been involved with cider since he was 16. “I haven’t missed a harvest since 1996,” Scott says, who cites his stint living on the west coast as the time he developed his passion for craft cider.


    “I worked as a taker for several properties laden with tree fruits. Various co-ferments and ciders came about in barrels stored at friends’ houses all over Santa Cruz, California. The solid reception of most of these ciders inspired me to learn more, so I traveled to Mount Vernon, Washington to take part in a nine-day cider course with Peter Mitchell. I founded Santa Cruz’s first cidery upon my return from this class.” After several successful west coast start-ups, Scott joined Wyndridge Cider Co. in 2013.


    And there’s Irena Wise, the Wyndridge team’s head brewer, who has been brewing professionally for 10 years. Irena, who hails from Detroit, Michigan, got involved in brewing after moving to Portland, Oregon. Her first brewery job began upon completion of her BA in Chemistry. Recently, Irena has overseen the creation and development of Winding Path—Wyndridge Farm’s line of beers. When asked about her goals as head brewer, Irena says: “I’d like to see us continue to focus on our core brands and repeating seasonals, increasing the quality of these products to higher and higher levels.”


    In addition to its beer, cider, soda, and wine offerings, Jason suggests that there may be a seltzer launch to coincide with the summer season. There are also plans to add a full-service kitchen to Wyndridge Tasting Room.


    To learn more about Wyndridge Farms and its Wyndridge Tasting Room location, please visit their website at