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    Fresh Face: DAIS

    The newly formed organization DAIS (Diversity and Inclusion Strategies) exists to build inclusive frameworks for businesses who know that sustainable growth in business and people requires investing in diverse and inclusive environments.


    When diverse, equitable, and inclusive practices become integrated business principles, true social and economic growth are possible in every organization.


    DAIS (Diversity and Inclusion Strategies) is committed to lifting up businesses by harnessing the power and potential of diverse talent, community, and workforce. They aim to help organizations spotlight people who possess potential but may have been overlooked or have never been given a platform. They seek to build inclusive frameworks for businesses who understand that in order to become stronger and more sustainable, they must invest in more inclusive working environments.



    Because there are minds with the potential to innovate, to lead businesses to new places, and to soar where they have never soared before; Because there are people ready and highly-skilled, with a vitality unparalleled, who seek a place to thrive and contribute equally, without limitations; Because as the doors to diversity and inclusion open, we must furnish every room with parity and opportunity, from boardroom to classroom to courtroom and more. Because when diverse and inclusive practices become guiding business principles, true sustainable social and economic growth are possible in every organization.



    A dais (‘day us’) is an elevated platform from which a person, or people, may be wholly seen and engaged in discussion with the full attention of an audience. Our audience is the business community; we speak to lift up the overlooked, to teach businesses the skill of seeing people multi-dimensionally. DAIS exists to build inclusive frameworks for businesses who know that becoming sustainable requires investing in equitable work environments. DAIS (Diversity and Inclusion Strategies) are for businesses who realize that the future requires transformation in how we build business and people.



    • 100+ Lancaster County executives have stated that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a priority in their organizations.
    • Lancaster County Demographics: 81% White | 19% BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color)
    • 1% of executives in education, social services, law, healthcare, and finance in Lancaster are BIPOC.
    • 100% of executives surveyed expressed feeling overwhelmed and unclear about the best way for them to create a diverse and inclusive organization
    • 90% of Lancaster County School Districts are actively seeking to diversify their staff, administrators, and board of directors.

    Find out more information at and follow them on Instagram: @daispartners



    We are committed to the principle that all people are created equal and that we need to help shape a diverse and inclusive world for the next generation. At the heart of “business for good” are the values of dignity, respect, and opportunity for all. “We’re not here for ourselves, it’s what we can do to make the world a better place…for our customers, for our communities.” —S. Dale High