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    Eat Local: Our Summer 2021 Guide to Lancaster Dining

    It’s summer and Lancaster City restaurants are welcoming you back, ready to make it delicious. There are more options than ever as we safely come back together to eat our way through the warm days ahead. We’ve rounded up all the restaurants and eateries from our summer food & drink issue—cheers to the cherished favorites and exciting new options. Let’s make this a summer to remember!

    551 West

    551 West King Street | @551west


    Altana Rooftop Lounge

    26 East King Street | @altanalancaster


    Annie Bailey’s

    28-30 East King Street | @anniebaileys


    Belvedere Inn

    402 North Queen Street | @belvederelancaster


    Bistro Barbaret

    26 East King Street | @bistrobarberetandbakery

    Left: Altana Rooftop Lounge | Center: Annie Bailey's | Right: Belvedere Inn

    Blade & Spade Coffee Apothecary

    401 West Walnut Street | @bladeandspade


    Blazin’ J’s

    15 East King Street | @blazinjs_


    C’est La Vie

    18 North Market Street | @clvlancaster


    Cabalar Meat Co.

    325 North Queen Street | @cabalarmeatco


    Caribbean Wave

    701 East Chestnut Street | @caribbeanwave_healthylife

    Left: Blazin' J's | Center: C'est La Vie | Right: Cabalar Meat Co.

    Chellas Arepa Kitchen

    1830 Hempstead Road | @chellaslancaster


    Conway Social Club

    28 East King Street | @conwaysocialclub



    438 North Queen Street | @decadeslancaster


    DipCo (The Lancaster Dispensing Company)

    35 North Market Street | @dipco1978


    Frisco’s Chicken

    454 New Holland Avenue | @friscoschicken

    Left: Chellas Arepa Kitchen | Center: Decades | Right: Frisco's Chicken

    Front Porch Baking Co.

    513 Leaman Avenue | @frontporchbakingco


    Good Life Organic Kitchen

    301 North Queen Street | @glokitchenlancaster


    Got Jerk Island Grill

    300 West James Street | @gotjerkislandgrill


    Horse Inn

    540 East Fulton Street | @horseinn


    Iron Hill Brewery

    781 Harrisburg Pike | @ironhillbrewery

    Left: Good Life Organic Kitchen | Center: Got Jerk Island Grill | Right: Iron Hill Brewery

    Issei Noodle

    44 North Queen Street | @isseinoodle



    50 West Grant Street | @josephinesdowntown



    216 Harrisburg Avenue | @lombardos_lancaster


    Max’s Eatery

    38 West King Street | @maxseatery



    38 North Christian Street | @norbulancaster

    Left: Issei Noodle | Center: Lombardo's | Right: On Orange

    On Orange

    108 West Orange Street | @onorangerestaurant


    Per Diem

    50 Rock Lititz Boulevard | @perdiemlititz



    25 South Queen Street | @ploughlancaster


    Rachel’s Cafe & Creperie

    201 West Walnut Street | @rachelscreperie


    Souvlaki Boys

    1 West James Street | @souvlakiboys

    Left: Per Diem | Center: Plough | Right: Souvlaki Boys

    SpiceKings Kitchen

    47 North Prince Street | @spicekingskitchen


    Splits & Giggles

    500 West Lemon Street | @splitsandgiggles



    24 East King Street | @tellus360


    The Black Goat Gastropub

    25 West King Street | @blackgoatgastropub


    The Freinschaft Market

    398 Harrisburg Avenue | @freinschaftmarket

    Left: SpiceKings Kitchen | Center: Splits & Giggles | Right: The Black Goat Gastropub

    The Greenfield

    595 Greenfield Road | @thegreenfieldrestaurant


    The Imperial

    26 East Chestnut Street | @theimperialrestaurantlancaster



    66 North Queen Street | @yorgoslancaster



    12 McGovern Avenue | @yuzulancaster

    Left: The Imperial | Center: Yorgo's | Right: Yuzu