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    Fresh Face: Chestnut Street Investment Counsel

    Do you know the difference between stockbrokers and investment fiduciaries? Beth Vulopas explains: a brokerage firm hires brokers to execute investment trades for a commission. Independent investment firms—like Chestnut Street Investment Counsel, which she owns and operates—manage each client’s portfolio with no brokerage conflicts of interest. “We are client-centered and totally independent.”


    “We don’t sell any products,” says Beth. “Our job is to manage and grow each client’s individual security portfolio.  It’s very tailored value-investing and unique to each client.”


    Even if her clients do not understand this distinction by definition, they can certainly feel it in the service that she and her team provide. “If you call us, we’ll answer the phone. We’re very interactive with our clients, especially through turbulent times such as last year,” Beth remarks.


    Along with her 25 years of experience in Lancaster’s financial industry, this philosophy is what has been setting Chestnut Street apart since its official opening in July of 2020.


    This is not to mention its impeccably designed, irresistibly cozy office space. From its whitewashed brick fireplace to the art collection adorning its walls, Beth has curated a warm aesthetic that instantly breaks down clients’ preconceived notions of what a “firm” might look like.


    Something else you might not expect? How Beth and her team genuinely welcome questions about the investment process. “There is no fee for you to stop in and learn  more,” Beth assures. “Our door is always open.”


    Being Lancaster born and raised, it was important to Beth that her office was located downtown, which allows her to stay connected to the city. She is enthusiastic about Lancaster’s younger generations committing to their wealth beyond instant-gratification trading apps like “Robinhood” and learning about investing as a long-term venture. Beth remembers teaching her own children when they entered college; encouraging them to research and invest in stocks they were passionate about. Because of this practice, her daughter was recently able to buy her first home, proving that with patience and diligence, anyone can grow their wealth and reach their short and long-term financial goals.


    It all starts with a conversation—so stop into Chestnut Street Investment Counsel’s welcoming space on 144  East Chestnut Street for a chat.