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    Fresh Face: Capable Care Solutions

    Capable Care Solutions, LLC stands out because owner Anne Stankiewicz, CScD, OTR/L, focuses on an often-overlooked member of the healthcare community: the caregiver.


    As an occupational therapist (OT), she creates care plans customized to increase the ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) of persons with dementia, but Stankiewicz also works with caregivers using Skills2Care®—an evidence-based program in which an OT teaches the caregiver to identify ways to manage daily tasks or challenging behaviors associated with dementia. OTs trained in Skills2Care® provide specific, actionable suggestions and work with the caregiver to develop a personalized plan that fits their lives. Action plans include stress management and communication techniques, environmental adaptations, and methods to improve their loved one’s activity engagement.


    With one in seven adults over the age of 71 years old being diagnosed with some form of dementia, there is a great need for compassionate care. “There’s honor in being a caregiver, and I want to make sure they feel supported in that role. I provide them with resources, training, and a listening ear, allowing them to care for their loved one without feeling burnout,” says Stankiewicz. She is sensitive to the emotional needs of both patient and caregiver, and will soon have a “Capable CareBox” available—a curated toolkit specifically for dementia caregivers.


    Everyone wants the best for their loved one, but quality, five-star, long-term care facilities can be costly. By giving the caregiver customized support, Capable Care Solutions is an excellent option for quality care at a reduced price. Skills2Care® is also eligible for coverage under traditional Medicare insurance policies. While not every person with dementia is a candidate for staying at home longterm, being around familiar people and environments can help maintain cognitive function, giving caregivers and persons with dementia the most valuable gift of all: time.


    If you would like to know more about Capable Care Solutions and the innovative Skills2Care® program, visit You can also connect with Anne by sending her an email ( or giving her a call at 717.208.2363.