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    TriStarr Helps Build a Dream Team

    When it comes to providing excellent temporary workers, TriStarr knows how to get the job done. TriStarr teamed up with long-time client Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health and Rock Lititz to create a Community Vaccination Center (CVC) in an empty department store at Park City Mall. When TriStarr first received the request for staffing in February 2021, they felt confident they could quickly meet the hiring needs. The initial proposal of 100 positions might be higher than usual, and it might be a pandemic, but they had done it before. Little did they know that the community’s needs would grow, and they would hire more than ten times that amount.


    The team soon realized they would need more staff to run a safe, orderly, and efficient vaccine clinic. TriStarr needed to stretch their net wider and hire various roles, from non-clinical administrative employees to people doing temperature checks, translators, and licensed clinical staff performing vaccinations. In collaboration with Rock Lititz, TriStarr was able to staff positions to help with the staging of equipment and crowd management. Together, three organizations made daily assessments of what was working, what was needed, and what should be changed.


    TriStarr’s recruiting effort shifted to a seven-day-a-week schedule but maintained quality control. Every temp position met the same standards, including a background check and drug test before being approved to work at the center. In the end, the company hired over 1,100 staff positions, the center fully vaccinated more than 115,000 people, and the CVC was estimated to be one of the most cost-effective vaccination centers in the country.


    TriStarr’s President, Scott Fiore, is grateful for the opportunity to serve his community in such a profound way. “Staffing the Lancaster Community Vaccination Center turned out to be an incredible experience for our staff and many others who were involved. It tested our resiliency and pushed us to new levels of performance we didn’t even know we had. We learned a lot about our strengths and our weaknesses. It was hard work, but ultimately, we couldn’t have been prouder of our team or more grateful for being chosen to help in the process. To our long-term staff, partners, and the more than 1,100 temp staff we hired, we say, ‘Thank you!”


    If you find yourself with staffing issues, expected or unexpected, contact TriStarr to find your own dream team.