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    Introducing CET Live Design with Benjamin Roberts

    CET Live Design Session

    Outfitting an entire workplace—from the acoustics to the architectural interiors to new furniture—can be an overwhelming project. With so many design options to choose from, visualizing what those designs would like in your own space can be especially difficult.


    Benjamin Roberts has been partnering with clients to craft spaces that equip businesses for success for more than 40 years. And now you can bring their design expertise right onto your screen in real-time.


    Utilizing an intuitive space-planning software called CET Designer, the Benjamin Roberts designers and sales representatives can meet with you online for a live virtual design experience. As the designers build and make change to furniture plans, you and your team can watch, never leaving the comfort of your own space if you don’t want to.


    “Doing a CET Live Design session allows our clients to better visualize their space and what furniture they are hoping to see in it,” said Michelle Blessing, a Benjamin Roberts designer.


    The highly visual software lets clients directly participate in the design process as it happens, helping them to better understand their options and how it would work for their own workspaces before making final decisions. This innovative new experience has already saved clients time, money, and a lot of headaches trying to wrap their minds around the right solution for them.


    “We have the capability of showing plan views, 3-dimensional views, and realistic renderings—fit with any fabrics or finishes they desire. Live Designing allows them the opportunity to see different options, provide feedback, and ask questions. Being able to get an immediate response during our session saves us and the client time…and money! And that’s huge!” Michelle said.


    Don’t worry! If you still need to try some furniture choices out for yourself, the Benjamin Roberts showroom remains open for design meetings and tours if you prefer a more traditional face-to-face experience.


    No matter how you choose to move forward with your project, Benjamin Roberts remains committed to innovative solutions and helping you bring your vision to life to create a work(place) of art.


    Contact Benjamin Roberts at 717-291-1001 or to get started. You can also connect with their team on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.