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    A Culture of Caring at Woodstream

    Woodstream Corporation is modeling a better way to do business. While many companies who prospered in recent years have used their success to benefit their stakeholders, Woodstream Corporation is continuing to increase their community impact as the company grows. Corporate donations and sponsorships increase each year, and the company partnering with new non-profit organizations, including Aevidum (Suicide Prevention), African American Culture Alliance, Fulton Theatre, and Schreiber Pediatrics. They also named the Children’s Miracle Network their non-profit partner for all Woodstream locations.


    For Woodstream’s CEO, Miguel Nistal, community involvement is essential for running a thriving organization. “Although many companies have suffered through COVID, some have prospered and should give more back to their communities. Giving back to the community financially and through service is not just important philanthropy; it also attracts people to join a company that values corporate giving. It’s important Lancaster County businesses invest in our communities and neighbors to increase equity and opportunities.”


    “Investing in our communities and neighbors increases equity and opportunities.” — Miguel Nistal


    In 2021, the workforce faced the beginning of what many are calling “the great resignation.” An organizational psychologist coined the phrase to explain the vast number of people who quit their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic searching for more fulfilling work. COVID acted as a magnifying glass causing many to look at how and why they work. While many organizations struggle to muster employee engagement, Woodstream seems to have a crucial ingredient for success.


    “Employee volunteerism increases employee engagement, improves retention, and creates an opportunity for team bonding at service events,” says Pam Bauer, the Executive Assistant to CEO.


    Today’s employee doesn’t want to show up somewhere and collect a paycheck; they want to be a part of a company that contributes to the community in a meaningful way.


    The perks at Woodstream are every philanthropic worker’s dream. Employees are offered volunteer opportunities during working and non-working hours to earn “comp time” (essentially, workers receive PTO to give back to their community). Each of the team members can also offer suggestions for volunteer opportunities. This prioritization of service and the employee’s time is an intentional move to build a dedicated, compassionate team of workers.

    Left: Pam Bauer, Executive Assistant to CEO | Center: Sheri Rice, Senior Director Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance | Right: Erika Herold, Community Service Ambassador


    “I have ‘grown up’ with Woodstream over the last 28 years and experienced its evolution from a small, family-owned company to an international powerhouse in the lawn and garden and pest control arena,” says Sheri Rice, Senior Director of Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance at Woodstream. “In my latest role, as Senior Director of ESG, I’ve been able to marry the people and relationships with our focus on the community and world around us. Woodstream has been a staple of Lancaster County employment for over 100 years and has actively participated in the community. Still, the last five years have brought an accelerated focus on our volunteerism and community involvement both through our leadership and our employees.”


    One of the employees responsible for connecting the company to non-profits is Erika Herold, Community Service Ambassador at Woodstream.


    “In Lancaster, so many corporations give back, and I think it’s because your soul benefits as the community benefits. And it gives the corporation a soul as well,” says Herold. “People want to work for a company that cares about the environment, cares about people, and cares about the community. Every year as our profits go up, and we increase our giving budget, we give our employees another opportunity to get involved.”


    The core team of people who organize these service opportunities are passionate about giving back, and their energy is infectious. Woodstream wants to be a leader in volunteerism in the city, and it’s exciting to think of how the work culture of caring can spread to other companies in the coming years.