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    Fresh Face: Sweetish

    A Lancaster City staple, Sweetish’s new corner location is bringing even more sweetness to downtown. Tyler Graybeal opened Sweetish in 2019, and when he got the opportunity this spring to move to a bigger spot on North Queen, he jumped at the chance.


    The new-and-improved Sweetish maintains the iconic pick-n-mix wall, full of over 200 kinds of treats like sour watermelon skulls, raspberry licorice spirals, rum chocolate balls, and of course, Swedish fish. Still, Tyler will have you know Sweetish offers more than their sweets. “We have savory and salty candies,” he says, as well as Swedish pantry items like Kalles Kaviar and pickled herring. With about double the space and the windows as the previous location, Sweetish now features a micro-cafe (the elderflower fizz is a must!) and a Scandinavian gift corner that takes the hygge way of life seriously—which is the Danish concept of coziness.


    Behind the checkout counter cafe is a massive set of apothecary drawers, which Tyler plans to stock with samples of the store’s seemingly endless chocolate varieties. And towards the center of the store is a custom-built Swedish-style house, influenced by Stockholm’s Galma Stan, or “Old Town,” that serves as a bright backdrop to floor displays.

    In addition to these visual wonders, Sweetish is also working on bringing even more diversity to their products, with products from women-owned businesses, Swedish authors of color, and even local Pennsylvania handicrafts with the Sweetish spirit.


    With all the updates at Sweetish, here’s one thing that remains the same: Tyler’s passion for bringing nostalgia and joy to Lancaster and beyond. Watching customers crack open a cold Trocadero (which is a Swedish soda), stock up on licorice, or try something they’ve never had before—it’s all just a day in the life of a candy boss.


    After a stop in their new space, don’t forget to stay up-to-date with Sweetish on their website, Instagram, and YouTube channel (where you’ll find the Sweetish crew taste testing unique foods and serving up wild reactions).